In past week or so, I've done a lot of wandering from blog post to blog post here on GI and have seen tons of interesting things. I was inspired by Joe's "Editor Blog Herding" and thought I would make a point to mashup a few noteworthy blog posts from within the community.

I'll try to do this every week or so, but I can't promise anything. If you see a post or write a post that you think should be featured, let me know and I'll be sure to include it.

State of PC Gaming: A Report From The InsideForsberg takes a look at the current state of PC gaming. How does the deadly keyboard/mouse combo stack up against its console counterpart?

Zombiieeess! - "Domingo Ortega had been sent by the Marines to investigate something odd that has occurred the night before...reports of weird moaning and screams from the island..what the hell could have happened?"

First Commander's Log Stardate 988879643.4 - The first in a series of incredibly suggestive captain's log entries from Starship Commander William. "The Ship" is what he calls his genitals.

Fine-tune your Borderlands build before Oct. 20th - This one's totally mine. It's been cool checking out other users potential Borderlands class builds in the comments. Hope to see more!

Check back next week for more community goodness! In the meantime, keep on bein' awesome.