I hate getting hyped for games. Poring over message boards and previews months before a game's release, only to be unsatisfied with the final product, can be devistating. All of that time invested makes unexpected disapointment that much worse.

However, there are some games that I can't help but be excited for. Borderlands is one of them. I've been anticipating this one since the big ol' GI reveal over two years ago. The game has gone through plenty of changes since then and is shaping up to be a pretty unique action/role-playing blend.

If you've read the Gameinformer preview and gobbled up every other bit of information about the game, why not get an early start on building the perfect Borderlands class? A fansite called 87bazillion has developed an interactive Borderlands skill calculator for your spec-ing pleasure. Whether your super meticulous about your character specifics or just looking for some more content to mull over before the game's release later this month, it's an excellent time waster. If nothing else, you can get all that silly decision making out of the way and dive straight into the action on Oct. 20th.

I've been working on a few different character builds, but this Soldier-Medic build is the one I'm thinking about going with. What type of character do you plan on playing? Feel free to link your build in the comments.