There have been several great games in the recent years and many of them have seemed to move forward with there sequels, games like: Uncharted, Gears of War, and Mass Effect. Though I have discovered a severe case of videogame backsliding( meaning the lack of innovation or an all out backtrack) in a reletively new title.

Resident Evil 4 was a fantastic game, it was frightening, with a revolutionary aiming system and item inventory. Re4 won several game of the year awards and was voted the best game of all time on G4s X-play. It was an acheivement unto gaming as an industry and art form. It is also my favorite in the franchise, hands down it did for resident evil what the ps2 did for sony.

On the other hand you have Resident Evil 5, which if nothing else is pretty to look at. Re5 had so much promise, it was the reason I purchased an Xbox 360, and I waited for years for the day I could get my hands on it. I pre-ordered the limited edition for 90 dollars. When I got ahold of it my friend Enoch and I played it from 6 in the afternoon to 7 in the morning. That first playthrough was great, and I thought I had made a good purchase. But after the initial nostalgia had worn away I realized I had waisted my money.

By no means do I hate Resident Evil as a franchise, I own all of them, I also own the one movie that doesnt suck Resident Evil: DEGENERATION. I am what you could call a fanboy of Re, but I have to call out the makers of Re5 and say "what the hell did you do?"

In Re4 you have a (at that time) revoutionary and innovative aiming system that could still compete with some of the titles released on the Xbox 360 and Ps3 today. Although the Xbox 360 and Ps3 releases of Resident Evil 5 have a more streamlined aiming system I have to say they still screwed up. In Resident Evil 5 a 2009 game you have to stop dead in your tracks in order to take aim and shoot. That is unacceptable in todays games. A title by the name of Dead Space proved that mobility can still be scary, you are capable of swift movement and even can shoot your weapon while moving. The characters (you play as) move like they have a corncob in a very unpleasant place. Just imagine if in Halo you had to stop moving in order to shoot, the game would be impossible online, and hard as can be in the campaign.

In Re4 you had a fantasic attache case capable of being upgraded to larger sizes in which you could store your weapons, ammo and items. This was the first time that Re had done away with the slots system, and it was great, the attache case was a beautiful addition to an already perfect game. On the other hand, Re5 has 9 slots.......9.......slots. you are expected to house not only a bulletproof vest (that is a neccesity later in the game) but also your ammo and weapons. This is also unacceptable, when just a few years ago you had so much freedom. If I may make a suggestion to the makers of Resident Evil 6, give us an attache case and let us map weapons to the d pad, like in Fallout 3, and Oblivion, and Borderlands,  and Dead Space....etc.

In Re4 you fought four very large humanoid enemies, called Gigantes. You fought two of them individually, and even fought two at the same time, you even had the choice to run away from or fight one of them, all whilst on foot with the weapons and items in your inventory. Though this freedom and might I add excellent gameplay was absent in Re5, as you fought only one while mounted in a mediocre shooting gallery type sequence, that is just disrespectful. There was so much that could have been done there, like distracting the enemy while your bud shot it, like when you would use ashley as a decoy in Re4

In Re4 you are all alone to fight the hoards of unde.....wait ganados. The fear and desperation you experienced whilst playing was exhilerating. Every corner that housed a surprise. Every missed shot could lead to your death, you where alone, no one could help you. In Re 5 you have an AI partner but, oh.......wait..........she is braindead. Re5 had a relatively good co-op campaign what with the things you and your bud could accomplish and the times when you would suddenly get seperated. Other than that your AI controled ally would be so stupid that it defies explanation. Let me explain; there were instances in which I would find myself being strangled or beaten, or whatever by an enemy and my AI partner would just stand and watch. Then the whole game poor little Sheva would just use the pistol even though I had given her an assault rifle, imagine if Dominic(Gears of War) or Rios(Army of two) just used pistols the whole game. Again fail.

Finally Re4 was SCARY, one of the most agregious errors to be witnessed by myself and possibly others was that Re5 was not scary. The game boiled down into nothing but a mindless shooter by the second act. Now, Im a fan of shooters but when I play a Re game with zombies or whatever I expect to be scared. The regenorators and garradors were no where to be seen, and guess what, manjini with guns isnt scary, its just annoying. I already play too many mindless shooters, what I would have loved, was more fear, less testosterone. (seriously wtf did they do to chris)

Now Im sure that they meant well with everything they did; but this is a severe case of video game backsliding and to put it simple, if Re6 isnt a step forward Ill just keep my money for a game with some merit. If I have offended anyone,....I dont care, if anyone agrees with me start a petition or something (JOKE), this is simply unacceptable by any means. If you have anything you would like to argue about, please do comment, if you have any additions I could make to this please do tell.