Today I'm breaking away from E3 to talk about what's most important within games, whether it be sound, replay-ability, gameplay, narrative, or graphics. I'll start with 1 (most important) and move to 5 (least important). Please know that this is my opinion and not solid fact. So, without further ado:





1.   Gameplay


Gameplay is, essentially, the heart of every game. Would games like Mario be as fun with shoddy gameplay mechanics? The narrative certainly isn't keeping Mario alive, gameplay is. Minecraft wouldn't have as much critical acclaim without the high level of creativity it gives the gamer. Would Call of Duty multiplayer have the same level of prestige (pun intended) if its multiplayer wasn't tight and polished? No, it wouldn't and that's why gameplay is #1.



2.   Narrative


Narrative is a really close second, but I believe narrative is second to gameplay. Would games like Mass Effect have such a large fan base with a mediocre story? A thoughtful narrative draws gamers into the world and its characters.



3.   Replay-ability


Replay-ability allows gamers to devote much of their time to playing a game. Games that last are ones with high replay-ability. Games having a superb multiplayer like Halo and Call of Duty allow for infinite replay-ability. Other single-player games like Skyrim have a plethora of options, so you can play it over and over again to undergo new experiences.



4.   Sound


Sound is much more important than we immediately realize. Skyrim would not nearly be as epic without its engrossing soundtrack that changes depending on whether you're in battle or simply exploring the landscape (kudos to Jeremy Soule). Sound shapes is built around sound, and there is no better example of the importance of sound than this.


5.   Graphics


Better graphics = better games is a thing of the past. Games that have 8-bit graphics are growing and receiving more acclaim than those with good graphics. A perfect example of this would be Minecraft. That game has terrible graphics, but the gameplay keeps people coming back for more. 


So what's most important within games to you? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.