This is my second attempt at gaME, I’ve been on vacation most of the week, so I haven’t had much time to work on it.  Oh and Spoiler Alert: Rabbits, you will not be killed by a Holy Hand Grenade.

One day, in a small, pleasant grassland somewhere far away, a small rabbit was busy frolicking through the daisies and other assorted girly things.  This particular rabbit’s name was Frederick T. Wigginton, though his friends referred to him as FTW.  

“Hey FTW” One rabbit said, “Come over here, these tulips aren’t going to frolick themselves!”

“Alright, I’ll be right over” Fredrick said just as a dark, ominous figure appeared and greeted FTW.

“FTW, I have come from another dimension, my people are in need of help.  I need you to save my people from the evil that is tormenting them.  Can I count on you?”

“Interesting offer,” said FTW.  “Are there carrots involved?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh, sure” said the figure.  “Here is a Dimensional Shift Device, which is how you will be able to   travel to my dimension.” said the figure as he handed the device to the rabbit. “Using the Device is simple, you first..............

“Hey look flashing buttons!” exclaimed FTW as he pushed every single one.

“No don’t do that, or you will overload the”...................................But it was too late, FTW was gone.

FTW woke up in a mysterious land, filled with young prepubescents and a lot of tall grass.

“Well, the world isn’t going to save itself.” thought FTW.

Then, FTW was stepped on by a young boy, who was probably around 10 years of age.  

“Hey look, a wild Buneary!” exclaimed the boy in a giddy voice.  “Lets catch it!  Go Charizard!  

The boy sent out a intimidating dragon Pokemon who looked down on FTW as if he was a bug.


The dragon then opened its mouth and like a flamethrower, fire spewed out of it, directly at FTW.

“What the F**k!?!?!?  What kind of living hell is this?!?!?” said FTW as he dodged the attack.  “I need to get out of here! Oh....I almost forgot” said FTW as he pulled out the Dimension Device and teleported away.  FTW woke up in a world much like the other, except with a lot less tall grass.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmm....seems very peaceful here.  But this world may need saving, so I’ll climb that mountain to get a better look at things.  But as FTW reached the peak, it started to get dark.”

“Well, this will make things a bit tougher to see. said FTW as he felt a tap on his shoulder.

As he turned around, a entire horde of monsters was right behind him, and they weren't there to distribute gift baskets.

“Holy crap.” Thought FTW as he soiled his pants.  Then FTW snapped back to his senses and used the Dimension Device.

FTW woke up in a forest, wearing a green tunic and carrying a sword a shield, not to mention a funny hat.

FTW quickly spotted a goblin-creature, but with a sword a shield combo, he quickly defeated it.  Then, a blue and purple ghost-like figure appeared out of his sword.

“Master, your hearts are depleted, I suggest replenishing them as soon as possible.  Master this is a highly wooded area, I predict a 78% chance you will find spiders in this vicinity.  Master, did you know that your sword can attack enemies, and you shield can block attacks? Master, I suggest using this sword to..............

“SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t take this anymore!” said FTW as he smashed device, teleporting him back home.  FTW went into his den where he met his wife, and they decided to what rabbits do video games!  Then FTW’s wife shut off the video games and looked at FTW.

“FTW, there is something that I want to give you for being such a good World F**ker. “

‘Okay, what is it” said FTW curiously.

“Surprise.” said the wife, as she held out no other than the Holy Hand Grenade.

“Well, I kinda saw this coming, I mean it was pretty easy to........BOOM.