This is my first gaME so don’t harass me, bully me, or flat out shun me if its that bad.

He woke up to a beautiful, dark and stormy day.  The vulchers were flying about, The lava was just the right temperature, and the sweet smell of sulfur was in the air.  He then walked down the steps of his gloomy palace.  He was a great kind hearted king who cared for all the living animals and creatures that reside in his kingdom.  His name was Bowser, also known as King Koopa, or just “King” for short.  But the King had a thorn in his side.  A short, fat Italian plumber by the name of Mario was bent defeating the King and “saving” the kingdom from his rule.  The real reason Mario was so determined was because of the Princess.  Now in reality, the princess wasn’t in need of any saving after all, as she and the King had gotten....ahem....acquainted with one another (Ever play a Mario game where Bowser Jr. claimed Peach was his mother?  Well, he wasn’t lying.) , and Mario was nothing than a drunk hillbilly running around magical forests killing innocent turtles and chipmunks.

Back at the castle the King was contemplating the matter when one of his koopa messengers ran in.

“Your Highness!  The nefarious Mario has breached the main gate!”

The King was taken aback by this mostly because he was surprised Mario could acually walk straight, as he usually so drunk.

“Send in the Koopa legions!” The king said.  They’ll take care of him.

A little while later another messenger burst into the King’s room.  

“Master!  Mario has defeated your legions of Koopas!

“Alright then send in the Hammer Bros!  No one has gotten past them before.” said the King as he chuckled maniacally.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the King could hear a large banging noise near the door, followed by many exclamations of “It’s a me, Mario!”

“Oh no!” said the King.  “He breaking down the front door!  Everyone!  Man your battlestations!  Peach, work on your damsel in distress voice!

Just then the door flew open as Mario ran out, ready to attack the King.  The two stood there menacingly looking at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move.  Then, with an angry growl, the King raised his foot to crush Mario.  Mario tried to dodge, but to no avail, he was obliterated. All of the King’s royal subjects cheered at the King’s victory.  But the King heard something....something that sounded an awful a lot like an annoying Italian plumber down the halls.  The King quieted the group....................right as Mario jumped into action!  Mario unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks on the King.  The King, shocked to see his enemy still alive, quickly snapped out of it and crushed Mario with his large, spiky shell, leaving quite the mess on the floor.  The King stood there puzzled on what transpired, wondering how this man could have possibly reincarnated or seemingly, respawned back to life.  But his thinking would have to wait as Mario attacked him for a third time.  But brains beat brawn, and drunken hillbilly don’t have much brains.

“This is getting old”  Thought the King as he defeated Mario once again.

Mario continued to attack, get killed, respawn, and get killed again by the King again and again until Mario had formulated a plan.  As Mario walked into the King’s lair, the King asked him,

“Why do you keep trying you insolent fool!?  You cannot win!  You will never..........WAIT!  DON’T PRESS THAT BUTTON!”

Despite the King’s orders, Mario pressed the button which opened a trapdoor making the King fall into a pit of lava.  

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  WHY DID I EVEN MAKE THAT BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!”  said the King with his last breath.

Mario victorious, ran into Peach’s room where he would rescue her.  As Mario opened the door, he saw Peach cradling a small, baby Koppa that looked an awful lot like the princess.

“It’s not what you think!” exclaimed Peach.

Mario could only think of one word that would be fitting for this occasion.


Alright I hope that gaME wasn’t terrible but if it was don’t be too critical of it. Keep GaME Alive!