I'm just taking for granted everyone has seen the newest things about Call of Duty: Ghosts, so I figure I don't have much explaining to do. I also figure everyone knows that Call of Duty needs some new implementations to keep its success, and that I'm here to give you guys a list of what the game needs. With these assumptions out of the way, lets get this list started.

1. More Freedom in Campaign

 I'm not just talking about more freedom in plot decisions, or class set ups etc. I'm talking about actual freedom in the missions. Do you want to sneak around the military base, or go guns blazing through it? Do want to pick the guards off with a sniper rifle, or just run up and shoot them? It would be cool if there were a few paths that you could take to get through missions. Black Ops 2 promised to do this, and only implemented the idea once in the entire campaign(coincidentally it was the one shown in the trailer). It would be a lot better, especially seeing as people complain about the linearity of FPS's all the time. And I understand that the developers want to show off their big, setpiece moments. And that's cool. But how about you let US, the PLAYERS, decide how you want to get to that setpiece moment, and THEN you can bottleneck us in your on-rails smorgus-board of explosions.

2. A Longer Campaign

 Really, I think this is a must have. People always complain about how they breeze through campaigns these days. So how about make your campaign longer? It will give the player more time to enjoy the game, and bond with the characters, and really become immersed in the plot and setting. It will also allow the studio to do more with their game variety, and plow in MORE setpiece moments. If Infinity Ward REALLY wants this to be an emotional campaign, and one players would really enjoy, they would be raising the run time for 6-8 hours, to 16-18 hours worth of gameplay. 

3. You Better Be Able to Play as a D*mn Dog

  Now, THIS one is pretty explanatory. With all the different gameplay sequences the COD developers love to include, why not let the player play as a dog? The player could have full control through the eyes of the dog, with all of the dog's natural attributes included in the game; the screen is black and white, the dog can 'smell' explosives and enemies from a distance(the objects/people would be highlighted in red) and you would be able to run really fast. Not only that, but you could bite people! What isn't cool about that?! Also, while you're not playing as the dog, it would be cool if you could just give him orders i.e smell out area, attack that person, stay back, etc. The dog could become a really cool element in the game.

      So yeah, for now that's my list. I don't think I would need much more, campaign wise. Obviously I could go on and on with multiplayer, but I figure others will do that before me. So, if you've read this far, thank you, and a rate and comment would be appreciated. Good bye!