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So I recently played the hd collection for Devil May Cry. The Capcom series with Dante is the protagonist. Dante is a character that is so popular fans were outraged when it was announced tat Ninja Theory was going to reboot the video game series.  I ordered the hd collection of Amazon  for a little under 13 dollars because I did not buy any of the games individually for the ps2.  This hd collection is worth buying if you never played the Devil May Cry series or if you are a huge fan of the series and want to have an hd collection that you can play on the ps3 or the xbox 360.  My rating for the series from best to worst is 3,1, and 2 being the worst by far. The reviews should all be up by next week. I'm reviewing the games from best to worst which is actually the order I played the games in since the order of the story mode for devil may cry is 3,1, and 2 being the last game according to the time line in the series.  Anyway that's its for this teaser now if you excuse me I am going to play as Lucia in Devil May cry 2 just to get a taste of how she plays. I doubt it will be any better than how Dante plays in this awful game.