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Akira Toriyama creator of Dragon ball and Dr.Slump  is working on a new series called Ginga Patrol Jako which translates to Galactic Patrol  Jako. The series is obviously a shonen because its being published in Shonen jump.


I'm going to assume that the robot in the middle is the main character and the old man and young girl are going to go off on a wild adventure with the robot.  I'm probably going to give this series a chance since I am a fan of Dragonball Z so I might end up liking another Toriyama series.  I'll try not to set my expectations of this series too high so I'm not disappointed. check out the article 

However I wonder what this means for the future of DBZ because there are 12 more gods besides Birusu.



There are also supposed to be 12 more dimensions and there is supposed to be another anime series or another series. My question is how is Toriyama going to work on two series at the same time because as shown in Hiro Mashima's demonstration  cough cough Fairy Tail  one of the series will suffer.  Maybe Toei animation will work on the DBZ series continuation with Toriyama helping along the way. I'm not even 100 percent sure that the other 12 gods will even be in the DBZ series. Good luck Toriyama I have faith in you.

Kishi has also started a new manga series named Mario



This series started off as a one shot and currently has two chapters out. Check it out here. I actually enjoyed the two chapters of this series although my faith in Kishi is pretty low right now because lately Naruto has been on the massive decline lately especially during the war arc ughh I just want it to end already so I can know how the series ends. I hope Kishi does not drag on Mario and make it stale like he did with Naruto. I just feel Kishi slipping and getting less inspired with the series as it drags on. What a shame I used to really like Naruto to however I still am a slight fan of the series or well a jaded fan of the series is a better choice of words. So yeah I hate on Naruto however I did not star as a Naruto series I actually started off as a fan.  I did really like this week's chapter though I'm glad Kakashi took out that scrub Obito he is such a bad character it's ridiculous.




If Mario was a real anime fan he would be watching a better series written by a better writer haha bur. Btw this was a joke I don't think Kishi is a horrible writer he has his good moments and his bad moments so he is okay in my opinion.