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So the Microsoft has decided to reverse their DRM policies due to the preorders of the Xbox one being extremely low, people complaining about Microsoft on articles and video, and the complaints that were on the Microsoft Xbox forums. This is an accomplish for all of us as gamers who opposed the Xbox one. This is not an accomplishment for Microsoft this is an accomplishment for us. Apparently Microsoft has also taken away the family share plan which allowed you to share your games with 10 people or 10 family members the way the family plan was worded is very confusing and honestly  don't trust it. Then again I think Microsoft is a really greedy company so its only natural that I don't trust them.

 The Xbox one will not be region locked as well just like the ps4 so you will be able to play any game where ever you can. So basically if a game is only released in one area you can import it and play as long as you can read the language.  So if you're in somewhere like Australia you can import games from North America or the UK. This DRM reversal will be done via a patch which is honestly scary to me. Think of it if they can reverse the DRM with a patch then they can put the DRM back by just releasing another patch. I know the same thing can be said for the ps4. However Sony did not try to implement DRM on the ps4and even threw multiple insults at Microsoft for doing this so I doubt Sony would be willing to ruin its reputation b implementing DRM at least in this console generation. I can't say what's going to happen in a few console generations so I'm putting my focus on this console generation.

The most shameful thing about the DRM reversal is that Microsoft stood by their greedy DRM policies during E3. Dom Mattrcik who is the President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft said himself that if you don't like the Xbox one polices then get a 360


. Also Major Nelson said it would not be simple to reverse the DRM yet a reversal announcement came out a few days strange isn't it? Major Nelson was mainly referring to the connecting every 24 hours feature.


At least now Microsoft will force Sony to add more features and try harder to convince gamers to get a ps4 over an Xbox one. In Sony's press conference the main appeal was used games so Sony did just use that as their ace. Competition is really good for us consumers because it forces the corporations to put out an even greater quality product. I'm sure Xbox one will sell more consoles in the US because it is an America product however I'm assuming the Ps4 will be more popular around the globe. I'm ending this article on this note. Remember we as consumers have the power to change things by speaking with our wallets. If you feel you are being cheated out of a product speak out against the company and refuse to buy the product.

Also I'm still getting the Ps4 over the Xbox one.

Note ( DRM stands for digital rights management it is used by publishers/ developers in order to prevent piracy and used games. It forces buyers to get a new copy of a game. Normally its game online authentication such is as needing an online pass to play a game.