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So we already know that the Xbox one is 500 gb, has a bluray player, and is bundled with the Kinect 2.0 that nobody wants






. I have heard that the xbox one is lss powerful than the ps4 but I'm sure its not too far behind its still a next gen console with graphics that are probably going to be above the Wii U. You have to connect to the internet every 24 hours and can not play games unless you can do this. I'm assuming its like a 2 minute log on period or maybe less we probably won't know until people buy the console. Also I'm hearing you can share your gaming library with 10 friends I have no idea how this is going to be done because doesn't this mean that people could use the system to share games with their friends which is something Microsoft does not want since your purchases are now installed on your xbox on locked to your live account. Which means physical discs are useless. I don't mind having an option to install games however keeping the game on the disc allows you to save space on your hard drive and makes it easier to share games. Also you can permanently lend a game to a friend that has been on your friends list for 30 days. I don't see why Microsoft can't let you trade the same game with a firned back and forth but I guess that would be hard to manage but they could just lock the game to both users that could work. Also a friend can log into your account from their xbox however they will only be able to play video games for one hour. Yes that's right on hour! Also you can watch movies, and tv without having to connect every 24 hours so its very ibvious who Microsoft is pandering to and guess what its not the gamers! How hard is it to allow someone to play a game or gamde mode that does not require you to be online to be played online. That's like forcing you to be online to play a local multiplayer match of Blazblue its ridiculous. Plus regular single player games are not going to be constantly evolving due to the clould system because once the developers are done with the story mode that's it.  The cloud system is great for mmo's but not for single player games. Also the Kinect has a camera in it and you can not use the xbox one without having the connect on plus the Kinect never turns off it just goes into standby mode and waits for the command xbox on.

I wish I could give it this command



While I admit the ability to voice command your system is cool I would not want to have to do it all the time. I'm hoping that you can command this thing with the new xbox controller which I will admit looks cool. Hopefully it will come with a usb cord to charge your xbox controller. Seriously I hate battery powered controllers. I was at my firneds apartment and they had to go out to get batteries to play the 360 and they took about 40 minutes to do it. Hollis and  I mixed the batteries in order to play some Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. I know you can by a recharge station but eh I hate that it comes separately which reminds me I have to get one for my Wii U. Also this may sound scary but I read an article on how Microsoft might partener with the government in order to spy on your with the Kinect camera which can see heat signatures and all sorts of muscle movements.




Check out this article 



I'm assuming the Kinect camera will just be used to listen to your voice to learn things about you and to spy on your in order to advertise products you might be interested in. Also there is a rumor that Microsoft might monitor how many people are in your room in order to see who is viewing the content on your 360 like if your watching a movie or game a message could pop up asking you to pay more for more people to view the content. Which is ridiculous because if I brought the product I should be able to show it too as many people as I like.

According to this article Microsoft can either collect the money automatically through licensing fee's or refuse to play the content until you pay for it. I'm going to assume if this happens it will be the latter.


Also the system is not backwards compitable which is not a big deal since the ps4 is not backwards compatatible either plus Microsoft is still going to support the 360. If you have XBOX GOLD YOU CAN GET Halo 3 and Asssasins crred 2 for free however those are old games and plus I'm pretty sure everyone with a 360 owns halo 3 since that's like the best exclusive for xbox. However not every xbox owner pays for gold. According to this article  only 50% of xbox user pay for xbox gold however this article is 3 years old.

According to this video from YoVideogames (which is a very good gaming channel )50% of people  don't have xbox gold . 


Fortunately xbox gold is still $60. However if half of the xbox gamers don't have it Microsoft does not care for half of their consumers

I'll sum up the rant section with this picture

Okay now on to the fun stuff The Games

From what I hear Microsoft did not waste anything on Kinect games and barely anytime on tv. We know that Kinect games are inevitable however no one wants Kinect games.

Halo 5 will be available in the first half of 2014. Which is good news for xbox fans since this is the game series that pretty much sold the xbox, and the 360 along with gears of war but halo is far more popular then Gears of War.


Ryse Son of Rome is going to be a launch title




From what I can tell from the trailer it's a hack and slash or beat em up with some real time strategy elements because well you are the commander of the army. This game looks really good I will admit that I am very sad that this game is not a multiplat.


Forza Motor sport 5



Which was supposed to be a Kinect game but fortunately the game is not a Kinect game anymore. I'm not huge into racing games but occasionally I get attracted by a racing game. The last racing game I purchased was a Mario Kart game and before that it was need for speed carbon.





Quantum break the third person shooter with time freezing is also an xbox exclusive. This trailer did not really catch my eyes since it was just a teaser and not even an exciting one so I don't have much to say about it however the concept of freezing time is cool.



Sunset overdrive is a shooter that takes place in a large open world that is supposedly going to be changing everyday thanks to the cloud system. I have to say the trailer is actually really interesting. The game looks like it takes place in the 1950 and you are fighting against some kind of mutants. I'm glad they are mutants instead of zombies because the whole zombie thing is way over done in my opinion. If the city actually changes every day then I will actually give the cloud system some credit. It sounds good on paper but will it actually deliver?

Killer Instinct



Now I know nothing about the Killer instinct franchise but the game does look pretty good. I can appreciate good looking fighters. That wolf is looking pretty cool this and from what I have seen he is going to be pretty beastly.


Project Spark





Project Spark is a world building game that is similar to little big planet and minecraft.  This game is going to available on xbox one and windows 8 both are owned by Microsoft so they are making money either way. Minecraft is also getting an Xbox one version.


Titian Fall



Titian Fall is going to be a first person shooter wit mechs. This game is going to be on pc as well as xbox one. So it's a semi exclusive bottom line is that no other console will have this game.

As for multiplats all gamers should know b now that if a game is a console multiplat a then Sony and Microsoft will both have the game. These new consoles are close in power with the ps4 being more powerful I here so they are going to have a lot of the same game. Xbox one even has kh3 despite never having a kingdom hearts game on the platform. Xbox one also is getting FF15 and Metal Gear Solid 5 so yeah xbox one is good in the multiplat area as well.

I will admit that  the Xbox one has some pretty interesting exclusives that is impressive however I still will not buy an xbox one no matter what exclusives right now.





I hate the *** drm, the having to connect to the internet once every 24 hours. I do have a good internet however there is no reason for me to have to connect every 24 hours. I should only have to connect to either go on the store, update the xbox one, or play online. This limits people with bad internet from getting an xbox one this is definitely I hage screw you. I still wonder how the sharing with family is going to be moderated however I should be able to share my games with whoever I want to share my games with whoever I want. Microsoft is just so greedy I understand they don't make a profit off of used games but still the consumer should not be punished because of this. This policy is anti consumer and is just so shameful. My advice for the xbox one is if you don't like the new policies don't buy it you have to speak with your wallet if the xbox one fails Microsoft will be forced to take away the Drm and the needing to connect every 24 hours. If the xbox one is successful then it could mean the downfall of console gaming well for us at least. Drm is not consumer friendly imagine if Sony and Nintendo implemented this.


Anyway that's it for this article it turned out to be really long since Microsoft gave me a lot to rant on seriously they gave me a lot so thank you for that Microsoft. You made me article more interesting and you caused Nintendo's and Sony's stock to go higher.  One a side not the xbox one looks like a vcr also xbox one is a stupid name it could have been called the infinity or the 720.