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Also check out my video on Nintendo's E3 

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I'm going to be doing an article on Microsoft as well. Who I am somewhat biased against. I will warn any Xbox fan boys of that before I make an article or video on the subject. Anyway what were your thoughts on E3 was it one of the best in a long time or was it over rated. I personally thought that this E3 was a pretty good E3 I know I'm eventually going to buy a ps4 and I know that Smash Bro;s, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and Kingdom Hearts 3 are coming out just to name a few games I'm excited for.

I'm also happy that the Ps4 allows used games although its sad thats its come this. Drm is a huge problem and as consumers we should not except used games not being playable on the xbox one. We brought the disc therefore we should be able to do whatever we want with the disc ecause were paid for the disc therefore we own it. Also when the servers for xbox one go down how will the xbox one owners be able to play their games. Anyway I'm ending my mini rant here because I am very tired.

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