Hey anyone who is a fan of my blog posts or reviews on gameinformer. I would like to update you on the fact that http://azureanime.com/ is back we had some trouble with some hackers but the issue has been resolved and now Hollis posted up some new content including a persona 4 arena review, As fir myself I posted a Square Enix discussion in which I talked about Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3. So yeah we got some new topics  up on the site.

As for my youtube page  http://www.youtube.com/user/KingMickD  I posted a video talking about Sony's E3 and Nintendo's E3 as well as my usual Bleach and Naruto reviews.

Remember if you have any requests for review or discussions you can contacnt me on my twitter https://twitter.com/ExaltedMichael  or my tumblr  http://michaelfuckingdavis.tumblr.com/ 

If you like my content and want to show azureanime and my youtube page some support then you will recieve some quality content well quality by my standards which is good. I plan on discussing E3 on azureanime and I will probably upload some of that content on gameinformer