So some new picture sets for Pokemon X and Y have recently come out. One of them show a new pokemon Gogoat


Gogoat is a grass type pokemon that is well a goat. There has never been a goat looking pokemon in pokemon well at least according to my knowledge so this is interesting. I was honestly wondering if it would be a normal grass type pokemon which would actually give it the benefit of not being affected by ghost type pokemon so yeah that would make a difference in the pokemons abilities.

There is also a new City Luminous City


Which is obviously a city that is based off Paris look at that Eiffel  tower like building in the background.  The name Lumious sounds like luminous  which is a reference to the nickname of Paris the City of lights just like how Manhattans nickname is the big apple. I mention this since some parts of the Unova region are geographically based off New York City. Apparently Japan has a huge fascination with Paris they hold their fashion and style in high regard. There is even something called the Paris Syndrome which is caused by Japan's huge fascination with Paris. If this is true then I'm surprised it took this long for an area to be based off Paris. This Paris fascination really brings some Light to Mitsuru kirijo


She is the President of the whole Student body, she is intelligent, popular, and stylish. She also has a French Style to her and she speaks fluent French oh and don't forget that she is very rich and is the head of the Kirijo group. So Japanese people having an obsession with French people actually makes a lot of sense to me now that I've played Persona 3.

Now getting back to Pokemon you can ride a mount now



Which is honestly pretty cool the only mount that has been show is Gogoat but I'm sure there will be more mounts since that woiuld be incredibly lazy of Game Freak and Creatures Inc(The developers of the Pokemon games) to do . I honestly miss when Soul Silver and Heart Gold came out and you could have your pokemon walk behind you ahh those were good times.


My current Favorite Edition to the Pokemon series is the ability to customize your character.


You can now change the skin tone and hair color of your character as well which is awesome. I remember back in Crystal version when you first got the option to be a girl which was very cool. Ever since Diamond and pearl I have only wanted to be the girl character though. I hate the male character sprite in the Sinnoh Region and this male character design is better but I still prefer the girl sprite.  I might end up being the black girl she currently looks the most appealing to me along with the tan one in the middle, the blonde one isn't bad either. I wonder if you will have the ability to change the appearance of your character whenever you want that would be cool because sometimes I want to be a different skin tone. Heck I also think it would be cool to change from a boy to a girl however I'm not complaining because the girl sprite is far superior.  As for my character name I'm trying to decide between Iris, Maya, Victoria, and Chlamydia. I know that the name of an STI but it would be pretty funny beating someone online with that name because hey I like to troll plus I actually like the sound of the name it's a shame it has to be in relation to something so negative.

Anyway I really need to start saving up for a 3ds and this new pokemon game its probably going to be so good they better bring back the World Tournament from Black and White 2 now that would be a step in the positive direction.


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