So I have never owned a dead or alive game what I know about this game series is that its full of attractive women, fighting, and a whole lot of fan service.  The main problem with this game is that the regular dead or Alive 5 came out September 2012 and this Ultimate version is coming out this fall which is only a year later. This does look like a Capcom move to me you know the move where they release a half finished game only to release a fully finished game less than a year later cough cough Marvel vs Capcom 3! Oh excuse me readers I apologizes for burning your eyes with the mention of that horrible game. The last time Dead or alive release and ultimate version was for Dead or alive 2 on the xbox back in 2004 so hey I give them credit for taking this long to do it again. Since I don't have Dead or Alive 5 I'm actually considering buying this game. Key word considering. I honestly feel like we have to wait at least 7 months after the launch of a fighting game releases to buy it just so we can be sure they will not be releasing an Ultimate version of the game.

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is going to include game modes from the vita, cameo's from ninja gaiden characters, new fighters, and new stages. This game is supposed to have the largest fighting rooster in DOA History.

Also Ninja Gaidens Momiji is going to be playable in the game.


As Leon a character who has not appaeared since Dead or Alive 2 is appearing in this game but hey like I have said I'm not a longtime fan of the series so this news does not excite me.

However what does excite me is that DOA a long running series of fighting games that I have not tried it so hey I figure I might as well try it out. Also Team Ninja(developers) and Tecmo( producers) know  to make their fans want to buy Dlc's or the collectors edition with al of the dlc costumes on it


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I have no idea how DOA women are doing complex marital arts techniques in high heels but hey the all look good in those bikini's.

My personal favorite is Kasumi who happens to be considered the series main protagonist( specifically in Dead or alive 2 and 5)t and she is also the poster girl for the series. She is also one of the first 3 females to appear in the series. She won the first Dead or Alive tournament.



Well you've managed to capture my heart Kasumi. Hopefully the series manages to capture my hear as well. Fan service is great in my opinion however you also have to have a quality series. Fan service is not the same thing as quality. For example if the gameplay in the DOA series was not good then no amount of fan service would make up for that. From what I have seen Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate looks interesting I might pick it up. However if you already own 5 I can't blame you for not buying this game. However what I expect from Ultimate is an updated 5 with all the dlc. Hopefully we get a few more characters added on to the game besides Momiji and Leon from the sound of it we should be getting at least 2 more characters.


Check out the Momiji vs Kasumi fight in the trailer!


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