Now I consider myself to be a fan of the kingdom hearts series I've played Kingdom hearts 1, Kingdom hearts 2, some of Kingdom Hearts Rechain of memories, and Kingdom hearts 358/2. I find the fact that Square Enix and Disney interactive studios were able to combine and create a game series to be very interesting. Who would have thought that conbining Disney characters with Final Fantasy characters would work. It's a series that I was very skeptical about getting into and it actually turned out to be an enjoyable series.


However as with any series it does have its fair share of problems. The over all plot of the Kingdom Hearts series is pretty confusing to follow however the plot is still interesting. I find it hard to believe that Xehanort was able to set up a plan this complex with time travel and the 12 clones of him

self but w/e the story is still interesting.



As the great Madara Uchiha would say



Another annoying thing about Kingdom Hearts is how much they say heart and darkness seriously you could make a drinking game out of how much the word heart is used. As for darkness just watch any scene with Xehanort.

The games are also pretty child friendly since well there are Disney characters in the game however its an all ages type of game meaning its child friendly yet older people can enjoy the games.  All Kingdom Hearts games are rated E for everyone which I actually had to look up since I don't pay attention to game ratings anymore since I'm 20 I pretty much buy whatever I want.  I can see why gamers who are into more mature games would find a game with Disney characters to be unappealing. However once you give Kingdom Hearts a chance you may be attracted to its deep story. An example of the extra childish moments would be the Atlantis level in Kingdom Hearts


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This level was slightly entertaining but I can see why someone would not like this level since I myself am not a huge fan of musicals.  Also I'm not a huge fan of quick time events like this in games.

The worst thing about the Kingdom Hearts series by far in my opinion is the way the games are marketed.

Kingdom hearts re coded and  358/2 days were released for the Ds.

Birth by sleep was released for the psp

And Dream drop distance was released for the 3s.

I'm not including the fact that Chain of memories was released for the Gameboy because at least it was released on the ps2 later as re chain of memories. In my opinion Birth by sleep and Dream drop distance should have been released for the ps3 and maybe even for the 360. Well saying the 360 sounds weird to me mainly because a kingdom hearts game has never come out for the xbox system but heck Kingdom hearts started as a ps2 game. Also square will probably never release a Kingdom Hearts game since as far as I know Kingdom heart 1.5 Hd remix is coming out only for the ps3.  I'm not going to get into a 360 vs ps3 discussion right now though that's a topic for another discussion.

Square enix releasing the games out for multiple systems forces you to buy so many systems just to play one game. The only reason I've even played 358/2 days is because I happened to have a ds at that time period. In order to have played all of the kingdom hearts game you would need a ps2, a ds, a psp, and a 3ds. I personally find that to be ridiculous. I actually want kingdom hearts dream drop distance however I don't want to buy a 3ds just so I can play one game that I already feel should be on the ps3. As for birth by sleep yeah you should have been on the ps3 as well honestly birth by sleep is a prequel game that you must play to understand the events of the kingdom hearts series. My suggestions are that if you don't want to buy a 3ds, psp or ds is to just watch a lets play, wait to see if a ps3 hd remix is coming out, borrow a friends, or download the rom files and play them on an emulator. L.

Another thing I hate about the Kingdom Hearts franchise which still counts as the marketing of the games is the fact that the final mix versions of 1 and 2 were only released in Japan. Seriously Square Enix  why couldn't you release the final mix versions in world wide. Or just put all of the content in the original game.

Oh well I guess I'll just have to






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This video gives an accurate summary of the Kingdom Hearts series so far which is actually pretty hard to do since the series is pretty complex. Also the fact that the games have been distributed on varying consoles does not make it any easier.


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