It only happens every so often that a game like The Last of Us presents itself.  A game where just over a year ago won over 200 Game of the Year awards, and was critically successful with both the critics, commercially, and most importantly the consumer. The game made a statement, saying that not only can we have fun gameplay, but we can drive narratives in games to a whole new level. Naughty Dog took a risk, telling an extremely somber story about struggling with humanities last days and what it would take to be a survivor. It was dark, gory and unapologetic, but it worked. They introduced us to characters that over the course of the game we began to actually care for. Very rarely can a video game compete in that department, but Naughty Dog found a way, and that way was to cut the strings and tell the story they wanted to tell. 

Now if you have already played The Last of Us from beginning to end on the PlayStation 3, then you will already know what to expect. Nothing in the story has changed, and nothing new has been added [aside from the already released DLC, "Left Behind"]. You will however notice that the visuals have improved drastically; everything looks more crisp and "eye-popping". The native 1080p helps with the clarity and shows off the true beauty of the game. The game already looked gorgeous on the PS3, but looks even better on PS4. Another great improvement is the game jumping from 30fps to 60fps. With this great addition the overall gameplay, especially the gunplay, felt more precise and responsive. I saw a great refinement while aiming, making it much easier to line up those satisfying headshots. If you are not a fan of having the game run at 60fps, Naughty Dog gives you the option to lock the game on 30fps, although I don't recommend it.

The great thing about having The Last of Us come to the PlayStation 4 is we can now use the superior dual shock 4. Anyone who has laid hands on the infamous dual shock 3 will know the controller wasn't the "go to" for shooters. Gone are the awkward aim/shoot shoulder buttons, instead being replaced with the smoothness of the triggers [L2/R2], but you can switch back between controls if that is what you prefer. You gain access to your backpacks inventory will a simple click of the controllers' touchpad, and the built-in speaker provides subtle immersive sounds with audio recordings and the click of the flashlight.

If you were unfortunate to not get your hands on this game when first released, but are looking to give it shot? This is the perfect chance to jump on board; this is the definitive edition of The Last of Us. You will not only be treated to an improved and more polished campaign, but you will also get all the recently released DLC [downloadable content]. That's 2 multiplayer packs [8 new maps total] and the prequel/"here's what happened" DLC titled, Left Behind.