Delsin Rowe, a young adult who finds it cool to spray paint on city walls and billboards, even if it means getting arrested by his own brother. That is where the story starts off in this third addition for the popular inFAMOUS franchise. Delsin is being lectured by his older brother, Reggie, when an unexpected truck crashes right in front of them. Reggie, being the good cop he is, runs off to get help and demands Delsin to stay clear of the burning truck. You hear a voice calling for help, you approach a bald man named Hank, he is what the game calls a 'Conduit', a person who holds some form of super powers. Delsin ends up being held hostage with Hank as Reggie pleas for him to put you down. Delsin grabs a hold of Hanks arm and absorbs his powers, Smoke. This is a fresh start for new comers of the series, you don't need to know what happened in the previous two games in order to play this. 


Delsin as a character can be somewhat unlikable and kind of a turn off to certain people. His snarky remarks and condescending attitude can be quite off putting. He does show true and sincere emotion in the game when it comes to making tough choices or when hard times hit him. The relationship between him and his brother is shown with great voice work and dialogue between the two. You can really see them connecting as siblings with disagreements and each others opinions being spoken. Something that I actually enjoyed was that Delsin found his powers to be rather awesome. He actually embraces them and gets super stoked when he learns something new. He makes you believe that the powers he has is something he loves having. Being blasted out of a vent on top of a building and hearing him shout "Woohoo!", is nice to hear and shows his personality.

The game is a fantastic show case for the Playstation 4 hardware. If you just stop and take the time to look around the city of Seattle you will see how well detailed everything is. The reflection of the setting sun bouncing off the Space Needle. The puddles being realistically rippled by the falling rain. The neon lights glossy images reflecting in windows and water. The facial animations for the most part are extremely well done. There were times I chuckled because of how spot on the emotion was matching the voice tone, whether it was Delsin being a smart ass towards his brother, or his brother trying to push Delsin into showing some type of responsibility for once. 


The game play for the most part is pretty smooth. The controls for combat are pretty simple and nothing complicated. Battles are pretty frantic and chaotic, especially as you progress through the game. This isn't a bad thing, as it shows off all the great particle effects from powers being let go. However, Delsin isn't the strongest hero, he can take a few bullets but to much cause him to drown out sound to warn players he is taking to much damage. I don't mind regenerating health, but in Second Son I don't think it does the presentation right. During a awesome battle, music will kick in to pump up the action, but Delsin being not so strong, will take damage causing you to frequently being tuned out of the exciting action going on and taking away that "bad ass" feeling of being a super hero (villain). Another thing that got frustrating for me, was the sticky parkour.  To many times I died because i was trying to flee but only to get hung up on my character grabbing a ledge I wasn't aiming for. There is a neon power that allows you to just sprint up walls, which helped a little, but that to sometimes caused me to run up a building only to be stopped by some marquee or over head shade blocking me. This rarely, for the most part, would happen, but when it did it cost me a frustrating death. 



A big option in this game is to whether go down the heroic or villainous path. I decided to go down the villainous route, and doing so causes some serious consequences. It also shows in Delsins personality, his attitude and dialogue is moody and anarchist. He feels like the world owes him something and that he is on top of everybody else. I chose this path simply because I didn't want to worry about if i killed a random civilian or not, so i just blasted anything and everyone in my way and was technically getting "rewarded" for that. with each new level of 'karma'  raised you are gained new abilities that can be unlocked. I finished my first play through with the INFAMOUS karma, and I was left satisfyingly unsatisfied. I am not a bad person, and seeing the consequences from the choices I made is making me wanna go back and do a "hero" run.  I played the villain and got what I deserved. 




+ Stunning visuals
+ Fun combat
+ Nice diverse of powers

 - Parkour unreliable 
- Side missions not that great
- Camera can be wonky