The concept is simple, load up some weapons and blast away the big bugs. May not sound like much, but this game is filled with corny one liners and hilarious action that will keep you wanting to go further and further. The story is simple, 8 years have passed since the aliens known as The Ravengers tried to conquer Earth. Well guess what, they're back. If you jumped into this game expecting some amazing story then you are playing it for the wrong reason. This game has grown a cult following due to its goofy dialogue and 'blow up anything' style of gameplay. If you can just let the seriousness in games today go, and kick your feet up and just blast giant insects then you most likely will enjoy this game.


The gameplay is real basic, you see a giant ant, you shoot at it, even if it means leveling that giant skyscraper that is in your way. You can choose between 4 different classes, each class with their own unique abilities. I played my first play through as the 'Ranger' class. With this class I was allowed to carry up to two weapons at a time. I always took with me some type of assault weapon and some type of explosive (mostly a rocket launcher). The assault weapon was ideal in a cluster situation, which will happen A LOT. The rocket launchers are great for taking out huge space ships or distant enemies, and they deal a ton of damage. The game really has no limits to its destruction, just about any building can be destroyed with 1 or 2 rocket hits. This causes for some crazy and absolutely hilarious moments, as you will see bugs being launched into the air with explosions everywhere. Unfortunately because of these chaotic moments the frame rate will dip down, especially if you are playing two player co-op. This personally didn't ruin my experience because in all the chaos I was having fun, but to some this could be a problem. 


*Explosive Chaos*

The games graphics are nothing to get excited about, but for what the game is offering, they don't disappoint. The enemy designs are excellent and do each insect (and giant robots!) justice. It is pretty creepy to see in the distance a giant spider web stitched between two buildings, then to see the creepy crawlers legs scurry across the buildings. The destruction of the falling buildings is pretty neat, once shot they will crack where hit, only later to pancake down. For all the mess happening on screen, it is pretty impressive to have decent visuals.



The level designs are mostly confined to fighting in an open city. There are times when you will occasionally go down underground to take out nests of certain bugs. Other times will you be fighting country side to take out large force field generating robots. Then you will fight on a beach, preventing giant walking robots from coming onto land. It is nice to see a change up in scenarios but in each level it is pretty much the same objective. Blow up anything that is bigger than you.



+ Fun game play
+ "B movie" concept/dialogue 
+ Enemy designs
+ Couch co-op 

 - Frame rate issues
- no diversity in objectives 
- level designs aren't original