I love playing horror games. I love the tension. I love not knowing what gross creature is going to be around the corner. I love learning the twisted story of my character to find out he isn't a hero at all. The one main reason i like horror games is the variety of enemies they throw at you. With a horror game, designers can use their imaginations and make their twisted abominations come to life. Horror doesn't have to be grounded, it doesn't have to give a reason why this deformed cockamamie evil is stalking you. For this very reason is why i put Horror as my top genre in video games. Here is a list of some DISTURBING creatures i'v'e encountered in some popular franchises. 


Dead Space Series: The Leaper
These things are ridiculously creepy. Your first encounter with this thing is in the original Dead Space,  as Isaac Clarke just finished up fixing the tram, and as he heads back, he sees this anathema scurry across the top of the ceiling. The only thing stopping it from butchering you is the steel crate. You later on meet face to face with the creature, and they don't call the thing a leaper for nothing. This picture should simplify why it is my top choice for being disturbing. Its jaw-less face, solid white eyes, and a scorpion like tail, plus seeing the features of what was once a human is quite perturb.


Runner-Up: The Divider 
Like I said, choosing a disturbing enemy in Dead Space was the hardest thing, because they're all gross. This was a close one compared to the Leaper. It may not look like much, and the picture doesn't give the creature justice for it being truly scary. This tall lanky monster walks pretty damn fast that it throws you off guard. Not only is this thing strong and speedy, but once it is "dead" it splits into 3 parts causing more frustration. Oh, and it's loud groan....ughhhh. The worst!




Silent Hill Series: Twin Victims

This thing takes the cake for being the most disturbing creature in the Silent Hill franchise. When you first meet this freak you faintly hear baby whines, i mean the cries are so quiet you most likely wont hear them the first time. Then just as you're making your way around a circular hallway, there it is, still as a statue. When you move a little closer the large monster charges you, with both monotone baby faces plastered on a hideous body with only large arms supporting whatever is underneath its black robe. Truly frightening.


Runner-Up: Scarlet 

Another tall and skinny monster, maybe i am just disturbed by them. This thing is incredibly scary though, With its doll like "skin" and black hollowed out eyes with agonizing teeth, this thing was intimidating to fight. Not only does the brute stand tall on two legs, once beaten enough it'll bend down, almost in a spider form and start climbing the walls and ceiling. Silent Hill: Homecoming may not be the best Silent Hill game but it delivered one of the most iconic boss fight in the series.


 Resident Evil series: Duvalia

Resident Evil has been around for so long that it was real tough to find my top "disturbing" creature. It's also funny how i chose an enemy from number 5, which a lot of people accuse of making the franchise what it is today, not scary. Well, this is a list of disturbing creatures not necessarily scary. This beast came out of nowhere when encountered, at first it is just a "normal" human (infected by a parasite) trying to machete you. Until you put a couple of bullets in the guy does its true colors show. The person starts convulsing and twitching until they literally burst, into what you see in the picture. It still has its human legs for movement, but its upper half is far gone and its hungry.


Runner-Up: Regenerators

You see a creature on an operating table, behind thick glass and a locked secured door, you just know that you will eventually be fighting this savage. You know they're close when you hear their snarl, it is almost like they are trying to breathe but something is clogging their throat. When they notice you, they shamble slowly towards you, with their intimidating posture of standing tall, and of course their gruesome looking face. Just don't let this giant get to close because he'll leap on you and make your face his lunch.


Left 4 Dead series: The Spitter

Left 4 Dead isn't known for being really a scary game, sure it has zombies and other monstrosities, but it isn't something you'll lose sleep over. However, there are some rather disturbing creatures in the game regardless of its lack of scariness. The Spitter is one of those enemies, everything about it is disgusting. It's stretched out neck,pale skin with exposed blood veins, and of course its comically large jaw and beady white eyes. On top of all its freaky features, it spits acid out of its mouth. Gross.


Runner-Up: The Hunter

He may just look like a zombie in a hoodie (one reason he is a runner-up) but his tactics of stalking you is pretty scary. This guy can run on both legs if it wants, it's when he gets low, in hunting mode, when he really becomes terrifying. Just before he pounces towards its victim he'll let out a shrieking scream, next thing you know you are on your back being clawed to death. 


Condemned series: Tar-Men

The Condemned series deals for the most part with tweaked out meth heads and smelly hobos. It's when you start fighting the "monsters" that things get weird and horrifying. These guys, who i call "Tar-Men", were an unexpected surprise. You encounter these creeps when you make your way through an empty building, they're hanging on the ceiling in some sort of cocoon. When you walk underneath them they break open and grab your arms, and force you to look at its repulsive face up close. When they're not in their cocoons they are bum rushing you with its friends, easy to kill but they definitely cause anxiety when overwhelmed. 


Runner-Up: Dolls

Again with the weirdness of Condemned. There isn't really much to say here. They're dolls, they come after you, they explode near you, umm freaky. 



Well that is all i have at the moment, there is a ton of horror games i could go through with some whacked out creatures, but these were my favorite. Hopefully later i can make a new list with new games. Thank for reading!