Over the past couple of years horror games have been becoming less and less. It really is the most difficult genre to tackle, their is so much that has to go into a horror game for the player to actually get scared. In this post i am listing games that i thought developers did amazing jobs on when taking on a strenuous category. 

5.) Silent Hill: Downpour- This may get a bit of controversy but Silent Hill Downpour isn't that bad of a game. It isn't necessarily the best Silent Hill but developers, Vatra games, did an awesome attempt to bring back the atmosphere that Silent Hill is known for. Aside from clunky combat and uninspired monster designs that the series became famous for, their is a compelling story and a fantastic eerie setting to keep you going. 

4.) The Last of Us- Now this may not be considered a "horror" game (i'm writing something about that) but it certainly deals with a lot of controversial material. It also can be eldritch sneaking through darkness trying to avoid the to-far-gone clickers. Other then trying to sustain from the blight monstrosities, you have to dole out with other survivors, who are just trying to get by and survive in the disorganized world. The Last of Us is an extremely somber world, it makes you hope something so abhorrent will ever happen. 

3.) Condemned 2: Bloodshot-  At the time, Condemned 2 did first-person melee right (now the controls feel a little unwieldy) but it wasn't just the combat that made the game shine, it was its memorable horror elements that stood out. You go deep into a mind of a has been washed up drunk detective. You fight doped up crackheads, lubber meth rats and creepy walking dolls! The most famous part is when you're in a cabin and....well, i wont spoil it but remember to just RUN!

2.) Dead Space- This new IP was ready to tackle the horror genre, it was going up against a famous "horror" series with the much anticipated, Resident Evil 5, just around the corner. The developers for Dead Space brought one of the most frightening and intense experiences that i ever had since playing Silent Hill 2. The atmosphere is astonishing, it really gives off a vibe of isolation and dread, the USG Ishimura felt condemned with ambient noises flooding through air vents. You feel uneasy walking through the bloody corridors, anticipating to get attacked by barbarous abominations. 

1.) Amnesia: The Dark Descent- I am going to be honest, i have not beat this game, for two reasons. The first reason, which makes up about 95% of my logic, is that this game truly is terrifying! I've played some scary games but have always pulled through to complete them. This diversion was different, the pacing of the game is done satisfactorily. You travel the moody halls of a castle so high-strung you start demanding to finally see a monster, but it doesn't happen, not until 45 minutes to an hour do you actually see your first sighting of the infamous and repulsive, Slack-Jaw. The second reason is, i am not good at PC games, the combination of me sucking at keyboard and mouse to playing this insanely creepy game did not work well. Seeing a monster and having me go into a panic caused a lot of deaths. Having said that, I hope to some day go back to the game and attempt to trounce my fears and finally complete the anxiety journey.