Madden 25 released and the official kickoff of the NFL season began this past Thursday night with Denver hosting the defending Super Bowl champs, Baltimore Ravens. It always seems like it takes forever for football (college & NFL) to show up, but now that it is finally here, it's time to make some predictions for the 2013 season.  

*My picture is of Dallas, but i promise to keep all bias aside ;-)*

These predictions are break ups of each division and who i think will win there respected divisions. I am not doing playoffs and Super Bowl predictions, i will wait until beginning of playoffs to start the post-season predictions.

(i know this is late, i went out of town and couldn't finish it up before i left)


AFC North

-Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-7
-Cincinnati Bengals: 11-5
-Baltimore Ravens:   10-6
-Cleveland Browns:   7-9

Bengals: Bengals have been in the post-season two seasons in a row, even though they've been "one-and-done" back to back i believe this team will win the division and making its 3rd playoff appearance. The Super Bowl champs are to gutted on defense, they're younger, there will be growing pains and i just don't see them repeating this year.

AFC East 
-New England Patriots: 11-5
-New York Jets: 5-11
-Miami Dolphins- 9-7
-Buffalo Bills: 6-10

Patriots: This was tough, because i honestly think the Dolphins can give New England a fit. I just can't go against Brady though, he is a consistent QB and always finds ways to win. The Jets and Bills are going to have a LONG season with (over-rated) rookie quarterbacks taking the spotlight.

AFC South 

-Houston Texans: 10-6
-Indianapolis Colts: 11-5
-Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-12
-Tennessee Titans: 8-8

Colts: I like Andrew Luck, he is a classic pocket passer and knows how to play the game. His rookie year showed promise to Colts fans and he is only going to get better. No doubt this division comes down to the Texans and Colts, the other two teams aren't a close threat.

AFC West 
-San Diego Chargers: 8-8
-Oakland Raiders: 5-11
-Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7
-Denver Broncos : 12-4

Broncos- Peyton and company's opening game was a sign of things to come in this season. The Broncos opponents are going to have their hands full  when facing this high octane offense. I think the Chiefs can be competitive with a solid QB and with a good head coach in Andy Reid. 


 NFC North

-Chicago Bears- 8-8
-Green Bay Packers- 11-5
-Detroit Lions: 7-9
-Minnesota Vikings: 9-7 

Packers- This division is actually more competitive than my W/L  records show, however i still think the Packers are the favorites here. The Bears are going through a coaching change, and i'm not entirely sure Jay Cutler can lead them back to a championship game. The vikings will rely on AP again, Christian Ponder isn't quite there. As for the Lions, i like Stafford a lot but i just think this team will sit this one out again.

NFC East 

-Philadelphia Eagles- 7-9
-Dallas Cowboys- 11-5
-Washington Redskins: 9-7
-New York Giants: 10-6 

Cowboys- I left all bias aside, but in reality the Cowboys are just set to take back the division crown. Having been up against the wall in back to back seasons and falling short, it is now their time. This division is always competitive so expect all 4 teams to keep a close fight until the end.

NFC South 

-Atlanta Falcons: 11-5
-New Orleans Saints:11-5
-Carolina Panthers: 9-7
-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6-10 

Saints- This will be a battle between the dirty birds and the (S)aints! Carolina and Tampa Bay wont be much of a threat.

NFC West 

-St Louis Rams: 9-7
-Seattle Seahawks: 11-5
-San Francisco 49ers: 10-6
-Arizona Cardinals: 6-10 

Seahawks- I like the Seahawks chances this season, i personally think they are superior over San Fran, but expect tough games when each other meet up this year.  

These are my predictions, sound off in the comments and give me yours!