24 days ago I had a dream. 

But even before that, the momentum was building towards this.

Months before I had an urge to put out an ebook of some kind and switch career tracks to knowledge based work. I longed to do something more meaningful with my life, and achieve something special. Even before that, I had a strong desire to work in the gaming or computer field. My second week of my Junior year in college, I landed a job at a computer store where I get to help people build gaming PC's. Check. I started thinking a lot about how to use my newfound job to build new skills, new goals, new connections.

I ended up returning to the idea of writing a book. I wanted something that would last forever, something I could be proud of, and at the same time help other people. So I decided to write a book on "How to Build the Perfect PC"

My Fiance and I were struggling with fiance's. I thought the book might be a nice way to bring in some extra money. I knew I wanted to write a book, but I didn't know how to make money off of it. Months before I wanted to start a kickstarter to raise funds for an amazing game idea I had. Things didn't work out, I got really busy, and life ruined my plans. When I came back to college, I was still hungry to delve into a creative project.

I realized kickstarter would be the perfect avenue to raise money for a book. I built a nice looking website (howtobuildcomputer.com), a facebook page, an attractive campaign, and started ramping up game givaways. It was extremely difficult to manage it all, and still be able to have time to actually write my book. Thankfully I had my future wife and her bestfriend (marketing majors) that were more than willing to help.

It's the last week of our kickstarter now. It's hard to believe it's already been 23 days since we hit the launch button. I had high expectations. I envisioned people from all around the world, throwing money at me to give them this book. I thought the book would speak for itself, and gamers would naturally be drawn to it. I was wrong. In the end, my friends, my closest acquaintances, and my family members were the ones who donated. I forgot, that in real life, the success that you have will never come from strangers. 

It's the people that you've built lasting relationships for years that will actually give you opportunities, successes, or support. Sure later on, the masses will come to support you after it's already been made popular. I didn't have that luxury. No one knew my name, no one cared whether or not I knew how to build cool computers. The only people that mattered were my family members. I have 1 week left to go, with 80% of the project funded of my $1000 dollar goal. It's satisfying that I'm on track to reach my original goal.

But it wasn't without sacrifices. I spent hours and hours every night posting on random facebook groups and forums. I spent many sleepless nights worrying whether or not enough money would come in to fund my dreams. I prayed a lot in bed, that God would send a miracle my way. He did, but not in the way I would think. Yesterday my grandparents called and told me they couldn't make it to my wedding. I was sad of course, I had grown up with them my whole life. Due to health reasons, they couldn't make it. But my grandma added, since we can't come down there, we'll take the money we would have spent on traveling and help you fund your project. 

I was extremely grateful for how kind and sweet that was, but I almost felt like a criminal. I didn't feel worthy enough to take money from family, people that don't even care about building computers. But in the end, if they want to help I certainly can't deny them that joy if they find joy in giving. This has changed me as a person. I no longer think as much about what I'm getting for my money, but how my money will help people feel like they mean something. 

I hope you as a gamer, can use your money this way too. Whether it be through kickstarter, indie gogo, gofundme, or whatever, just make sure the reason you give, is because you care about the person, not the project. 

If you'd like to help me reach my goal, here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1971209711/how-to-build-the-perfect-pc

But remember. Even if no one on gameinformer remembers who I am, what I stand for, or what I've done, I will always have family that will care enough to step in, and take care of me. And same goes for you!