Here lately my blog just decreased in popularity about 80 percent. Why? I have no idea, so as to not pick a single topic that only one person liked seems like the way to go.  Here you go you insoberdinate antisocial fools who I thought were my friends, the best random list ever.

1. My favorite game is Modern Warfare 2

2. My favorite old game is Star Fox 64.

3. My favorite snack food is Ritz crackers with Easy Cheese, Chinese hot sauce, and salami

4. I am strangely attracted to Redheads

5. Red heads are the best kind of women

6. I check about 2 to 15 times a day when I'm bored.

7. I think my parents spy on me and search my room when I'm not home

8. Mango's are the best flavor known to man but it seems like nobody has ever tasted a mango except me

9. My first paragragh had 216 letters, am I right?

10. I have a cousin named Bently

11. Here's the things I hate most in life

12. I hate it when my brother makes noise

13. I hate it when my mom nags me to brush my teeth

14. I hate it when my grandpa makes fun of my long hair, (which doesn't even come to my eyes) but one time he wouldn't let me play paino for church because he thought my hair was too long.

15. Every thing I said in this blog is true.

16. I am pretty sure my dad will read this blog and then talk to me about respecting my elders

17. There is a MW2 glitch that involves one man army pro and tactical insertion. In my opionion the neatest glitch, ever tried it?

18. Every time I get a new game and play it a lot, I dream about it constantly that night, even when I'm not asleep pictures of it appear behind my eyes.

19. Same goes for girls, except I don't play them.

20. I have memorized the roster of the Dallas Cowboys, from playing Madden's fantasy draft way too often.

21. My cousin has a neibor that's an old lady. She is a crazy demon possessed woman who is now starving herself to death. One time we were riding our bikes on our lawn, she screamed at us for riding on her yard.

22. I have broken fingernails before trying to get flat lego pieces unstuck

23. My other cousin broke his broken leg, right before it was about to heal again.

24.  I have found longnose gar in our tiny pond and almost caught one.

25. I have seen otters in our tiny pond.

26. I'm not telling you guys where I live

27. That I can recall, I have found about 5 bugs in assorted foods during my lifetime. Not to mention eating about a hair a day from my mom.

28. I have woken up at 3 a.m before to play video games.

29. My mom gets boils if she has poison ivy. I have never caught poison ivy from other people, only by myself.

30. Hopefully the last one, I have found a dead rat while making a snowman.

31. And this is the last one, 3 separate cousins were mentioned in this blog.

Tell me what you think people, comments bring meaning to my life.