I honestly don’t play these specific games, but I DO play others.

If the title of this blog hasn’t scared you away yet, then please sit and allow me to properly begin this with a small tale, based on a true story…

Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of Port Hueneme, California, there lived a young woman. Those who didn’t know her very well assumed she was shy, while those who did would say quite the opposite. Despite what others thought of her, she was at heart, a very peaceful young lady. One who didn’t like violence (besides when she would occasionally travel to the magical Land of Video Games) and always believed that the Way of Love was the answer to all, if not most, problems.

Her beliefs were put to the test one fine day during the Month of 12, well into the late afternoon hours. Everything had been normal up to that point. Her good friend was keeping himself busy in the kitchen area while their young son was running back and forth, frolicking from one room to the next with the energy of a 2-year-old. The young woman was occupying herself by keeping one eye on the child at all times while traversing the Digital Realm of the World Wide Web, made possible by the 16” screen-like portal she could put on her lap.

Her good friend came over to see what she had finally settled on and was busying herself with. Not one to really care what others think of her hobbies, she thought nothing of it. That is, until he laughed and in a tone that indicated mockery, said she had turned into “nothing more but a social gamer”.

The general reaction to that statement.

I didn’t…er, I mean she didn’t…know how to respond. For once in a long time, she was left speechless. Her friend knew very well that she liked games of all kinds, be it video, board, card, etc. To her, there was no such thing as a specific brand of gamer and to label one as such was, quite frankly, a bit distasteful. She’d heard stories of others ridiculing social games and those who played them, and couldn’t quite figure out why everyone disliked them so much. After all, a game is a game and a gamer is a gamer, right? Why discriminate against those who enjoy a slightly different form of gaming entertainment?

Well, she became angry at first, trying to (unsuccessfully) convince her friend that she was not merely a “social gamer”. That she mostly liked playing “hardcore” games, but found it refreshing to take a break from a very intense session in the Land of Video Games and indulge in something that was easier and, to her, just as fun. Her friend merely scoffed at the idea and wouldn’t budge from his new label of her. It seemed that to him, once you are a social gamer there’s no going back. Your credibility has been tainted and you will no longer be considered a “true” gamer until you quit.

After her unsuccessful attempts at convincing, she managed to calm down enough to think. She hadn’t been upset about being labeled as something specific (well, maybe a little). Rather, she was upset at the tone in which her friend had said it. As if it was something ridiculous to be ashamed of. She once again exercised the questions of why other gamers thought it was such a bad thing. She honestly didn’t know and decided that she would write her thoughts on it, posting said thoughts into the Community portion within the Digital Realm of the World Wide Web. Perhaps her confusion, and therefore her questions, would be cleared up.

This is probably how I look like on a daily basis.

That’s the end of the story, but not the end of this discussion. I guess where I’m going with this has to do with the fact that I’m starting to get tired of how social games are constantly being berated by those who consider themselves true gamers. I’m sure every single one of you out there is sick of this topic, but it’s something that’s bothered me for quite awhile. And as mentioned above, it’s something that I just don’t understand.

Why hate on fellow gamers? Shouldn’t we all be sticking together and praising those who share the same interest as us? Social games are still games, no matter how much you try to deny it. After all, the word “game” belongs to that of a broad spectrum. We should be trying to make others feel welcome when regarding this term, not shun them and treat them like outcasts. The gaming industry has already suffered enough by those who don’t play and understand. Do you really want to become a part of that suffering? I firmly believe that social games are the way to bridge the gap between nonbelievers and gamers. I say we should put a little more faith into them, for they may one day change the minds of those who oppose games in the first place.

I don’t know how everyone else feels when it comes to this touchy subject, but let me point something out. How many of you dislike fanboys? You know, those who defend a specific game or console to the fullest while at the same time, hating on the rival to the greatest degree? Well, isn’t that exactly what’s happening when discrediting social gamers as gamers? They are being hated upon, just like a fanboy would do, because video games are supposedly superior and so much better and blah, blah, blah…

*sigh* Fanboys… *shakes head*

I honestly don’t see anything wrong with liking ANY form of games. If I decided to stop playing video games and only play Magic: The Gathering, a card game, would you still consider me a gamer? What makes a gamer…well, a gamer? I know people are entitled to their own opinions regarding certain topics, and this just happens to be mine, but I don’t think it’s right to hate on a certain group of people who consider themselves something that the “hardcore” ones think they aren’t. And this applies to all areas of life. Not just the game scene.

Okay, with my raving and ranting now done, let me pardon you from this blog with one final statement:


If I’m going to be labeled as one thing, even though I engage in other activities more often, then I might as well do it with dignity, no shame attached.