We can all agree that both Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are great games. But who has the better protagonist? I don't mean which one you favor, but which one can say "Hey, it was nice having 'coffee' with your mom last night" and get away with it?!? That's right, we're going to put both Jack and Booker into the ring and measure their strengths and weaknesses in one of the ultimate protagonist duels!

Let's start with some bios!


In the right corner stands Jack! We don't know a whole lot about this fella, and quite frankly, I'm not sure he knows a lot about himself either! Throughout his life he's been tasked with making the right or wrong decision! So Jack, was all the adam worth it?! Let's find out! Would you kindly get ready to fight!


Entering on the left, representing the flying city of Columbia: Booker Dewitt! Troubled with gambling issues, Booker hopes to win this fight in order to "wipe away the debt"! But in a match that can be as easily decided as heads or tails, will Booker fly free like a bird, or become trapped in a cage! Let's hope he fights with Comstock's favor!

Round 1 - Melee

DING! Round 1 begins and our contestants pull out their first weapon; Jack stands proudly with his trusty wrench, and what's this? Booker has a Sky Hook? That will definitely prove useful with the sky lines we have randomly suspended everywhere there's going to be a fight! 

The contestants continue to wail at each other menacingly, but they appear to be doing the same amount of physical damage to each other. However, Booker's multiple use Sky Hook gives him an advantage. He escapes right when Jack has the upper hand, swings around and plummets like a comet right into Jack.

DING DING! Round 1 has come to an end. Jack's looking pretty beat right now. Both contestants have retreated to their side of the ring and have begun eating various foods. Shockingly, this consumption of apples and chips has seemed to make them right as rain!

Round 2 - Plasmids/Vigors

For this round our contestants are only allowed to use their collection of hyped abilities (that were seemingly only created for violent acts) and a pistol! Dewitt stands ready, and Jack - Jack! Would you kindly pay attention?! Ok, let's begin!


DING! Jack starts with the Electro Bolt plasmid, his mentor's words running through his head: "Give 'em the good ol' one-two!". Booker is instantly stunned by the electricity running through his veins. After Jack gets in a couple shots, Booker attempts to use the Shock Jockey vigor. It's effect isn't as great, and Booker is only able to get in one shot! He switches over to Devils Kiss and begins hurling fire balls! Jack also attempts the switch to his plasmid Incinerate!, but the length isn't enough to reach across the ring!

Still dodging fire balls, he switches to Telekinesis and begins to catch the fire balls and return fire! Booker changes to his Return to Sender vigor and does practically the same thing! They remain throwing the fire ball back and forth but wait! Jack suddenly stops in order to inject himself! IS THAT LEGAL?!? I'll have to get someone to check our official rule book! 

Jack's distraction cause him to get hit by the fireball, but they're still fighting! Jack sends a swarm of bees after Booker with Insect Swarm, but the bees don't stop the Murder of Crows released from Booker! In a crazy twist, Jack uses Enrage and sends some crows back in Booker's direction! Booker attempts to use Possession but it's high cost rate only permits him to possess 1 bee! 


Frustrated, Booker uses Bucking Bronco to suspend Jack in midair, but a second before the wave running across the floor hits Jack he counter acts with Winter Blast, freezing Booker in place! Silence falls across the stadium as both contestants remain frozen; Jack suspended in the air, and Booker literally! Once both effects wear off, Booker uses Charge in an attempt to make a final bash on Jack, but Jack  uses Cyclone Trap and sends Booker flying sky high! 

DING DING! That marks the end of Round 2! Both contestants are pretty beat, but Jack stands proud! Someone will have to help get Booker out of the rafters!

Round 3 - Assistance

In round 3 we're allowing both contestants to put a special ability to use! Jack has chosen to have his side of the field littered with neutral security bots, vending machines, and turrets. What could he do with those? Booker has requested bringing in his trusty companion Elizabeth into the ring! Let's hope this girl can fend for herself! 


DING! The fights back on! Jack runs over to a turret and hacks it in seconds! the turret begins to home in on Booker, shooting away. Booker points and yells something to the girl and - Whoa! where did that wall come from? Regardless, Booker now has some protection.

While Booker hides, Jack hacks a security bot! The bot flies around the cover and begins it's attack. Booker yells another order and the wall disappears but in another corner of the ring, a motorized patriot blinks into existence! Using it's powerful chain gun, it takes out the security bot, but exposed its back gears to the turret which quickly disabled it. Booker took a few hits and orders Elizabeth to summon up some health packs while he personally fires on the turret, putting it up in smoke. Elizabeth summons a Mosquito turret which begins firing on Jack. Jack reacts quickly, eliminating the turret, but not before taking some shots from Booker. Looking awfully fatigued, Jack runs over to hack the vending machine.


In a swift series of moves Booker has Elizabeth pop in a sniper rifle, and then a freight hook above the ring! Using his sky hook he launches himself up above, and with a deep breath fires a well aimed shot.

DING DING! Jack is down for the count!

Conclusion: Booker Dewitt!

Booker might have taken a beating from Jacks many plasmids, but in the end, Jacks hacking wasn't fast enough to escape Elizabeth's tears! Well, let's just hope Dewitt doesn't gamble away his winnings! Congratulations, and goodnight!


[I hope you all enjoyed this quirky mash up I invented! I was quite bored and let my imagination fly. Who do you think would win in your mind? Or should I say...a different reality?]