Metroid Fusion is the "sequel" to Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo. The was an 8 year span between these games, but Metroid Fusion came out on a wave of hype. This is probably my favorite GameBoy game, so i thought it was about time for me to review.


when it comes to gameboy games, it's hard to say that one game looks superior graphics-wise in comparison to another gameboy game, but this game looks great. Unlike most Metroid games, this one takes place inside a space station (other than the usual alien planet). this makes for a different art style, but it works. the space station's interior looks fine, but what's really cool is that the station consist of different environments in it's different sections. for instance there's a water, fire, jungle, nocturnal, and ice environments that each look relatively different, consist of different enemies, and even have their own sound piece.

speaking of sound pieces, the soundtrack in this game is great. you'll have a number of the song's stuck in your head (i even had the save file tone as my text alert for some time). for being a song off the gameboy, it sounds pretty good. hear it for your self!


With the actual metroids now gone, Samus heads to the planet SR-83 (or something like that) to investigate. there she finds life forms that poses a small threat but when she eliminates it, something springs out of its body: an X-parasite. the X latches onto Samus and Samus is immediately put into a coma. doctors work to surgically remove pieces of her suit, and look for a cure. one virus uses some DNA from the baby metroid from the previous games, and is able to cure Samus, but she's changed. with a new look and stripped of all her powers, Samus survives.

She's then sent to check out a research station that seems to have gone dark. upon arrival, we find that the X has overun the station, and has killed the crew and taken over the various creatures that were being researched there. Samus soon finds that there is an X mimicking even herself. the bad news is that this X is Samus at her full potential, with all powerups and abilities. they refer to this as the SA-X, short for Samus Aran - X.

There's a whole lot more to the research station, and the X's motives for taking it, but i'm not about to ruin these parts.

The story is told threw dialogue text, and it's revealed bit by bit. in fact, the story will initially feel quite insignificant at first, but the intensity builds as you go. some may not prefer this way of story telling, but it works, and even if you don't this game has alot to offer.


all metroid game's gameplay works like this: simple, but effective. you have your shoot button, jump button, you move and crouch with the directional buttons, and the shoulder buttons offer some more advanced options. however, the layout of the controls are great. i'm surprised all the different moves and abilities Samus can use fit all onto the simple interface of the Gameboy. 

Metroid Fusion will have you going on missions given to you by your ships computer, either to eliminate a target, gain suit updates, or to respond to a problem of some sort. the missions are actually quite varied, which is great, cause the game never gets boring. this however, gives the Metroid series a new-found liniarity. as in previous metroid games, you were kinda free to just go. you found things on your own time, and the only thing holding you back was the need for a certain ability. now certain areas will be blocked off until you complete a certain goal. this isn't a big deal, but hardcore Metroid fans may reject this idea.

Samus will start off fairly weak, but as you go you'll unlock abilities by going to updates rooms when prompted or defeating bosses. you can increase your missle cap or total health buy finding pickups throughout levels, typically hidden within rooms or in hidden secret rooms. if you are low on health or missiles, you can now absorb X-parasites to refill them, or simply visit a recharge room. there are different types of beams Samus can shoot, and her abilities constantly grow. it feels as though she never starts growing more powerful. by the end of the game, you'll feel so juiced up, it'll seem like the bosses you had trouble with before, could be eliminated in seconds.

Speaking of bosses, these are the best parts of the game. each boss is incredibly unique. and they all have their own secret to there defeat that you'll have to figure out on your own. but even more cool are the levels where you bump into the SA-X. because the SA-X is Samus at full power, you're no match for her. so naturally you have to flee. this creates a very fresh sense of chaos as you run from an opponent that can kill you in 3 shots. it's very intense and i remember as a kid playing through the first time, i was literally afraid to bump into her, and i shuddered every time i heard her ominous footsteps. blegh. it was all great though.


there's so much to talk about, but i think i covered the main points. this game is great. it's only flaw would be it's changes it's made in comparison to previous games, but only the big metroid fans will notice this, and they being fans, will probably overlook it and still enjoy it. I'm calling this a must own for the Gameboy Advance. pick it up: