Wednesday night Sony came onto the stage, in a location that I do not know, to announce its foray into the next-gen of video games. Playstation 4 was officially revealed to the world, well sort of, since the console wasn't actually shown. Still, Sony gave a universally well received presentation. Regardless of this, I am still wary of the Playstation 4.

Disclaimer 1:  I did not watch the conference myself. watching avatar, and working on a paper while it was on. So alas, I has no time to view it, but I have kept up avidly with the newest updates as well as plenty of the videos and news coming out of the conference.

Disclaimer 2: I liked this show, I really did. I liked the news that came out of it and I really think it's the best showing Sony's given us in a while. I do not own a PS3, nor do I really want one. I really liked what the PS4 had to show, but I do have some issues. These very issues are keeping me from jumping on the PS4 bandwagon.

No hardware shown

This isn't a big one. I recognize that, but still it is something I would love to address. Sony managed to show off a lot of great stuff,but never once showed the system. I just want to know what going next to my sleek matte finished Wii U. Is it black, white, circular, boxed, or any other variant of those things. How big is? Is it incredible bulky? But the big reason is more about how sturdy the system is. The PS2 wasn't exactly known for sturdiness. I'm not sure about the PS3, but regardless I would like to know if the Ps4 is gonna fall and then snap on two. I know all in all it's pretty trivial, but I still would like to know what I'm putting on my shelf.

Data doesn't transfer/Not backwards compatible

This one doesn't effect me A LOT, but it does affect me to a degree. There are a lot of great Ps3 games out there that I missed because I can't afford a PS3. So if I were to get a Ps4 I would have loved to play some of those old games for cheap. Buy them used and play the, on my brand new Ps4. If Microsoft has backwards compatibility, you can almost be certain I'm going to go with that one. That way all of my old Xbox games aren't completely wasted. The data transfer thing doesn't affect me, but I can't imagine that that is that hard to do. It just seems like that really sucks for everyone who has a lot of games and things saved on their PS4. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but when looking at the Wii U that is almost pushing backwards compatibility, it seems like Sony is lacking behind.

No super compelling games

Killzone and infamous don't exactly thrill me, as I'm sure they won't thrill others. I do believe that they are solid games. I've never personally played them, but I am not doubting their quality. What I do believe is that they won't move systems like a Halo would. I'm not saying that they don't exist; most likely they are going to  announce some killer games at E3. At this point though Killzone and Infamous aren't moving the system off the shelf. Knack looks interesting, but that seems like a cult hit. I can't imagine Knack being a huge system seller. Everything else appears to be multi platform, so I'll just take the new Microsoft system for those, since that's what I'm used to know.

No launch line up confirmed

Even more than no amazing games, it's the lack of a launch lineup that's really holding me off. If Microsoft can show me a lineup with some great games that are definite launch titles then I'm gonna go that route. I know there is still a lot of time to announce this, and of course it will be announced, but who knows if games like killzone or infamous will even be at launch. Look at the 3DS and Wii U, which were both supposed to have Mario games and pikmin and all kinds of fantastic games that weren't ready on time. Who knows if all or ANY of these games will really actually be out at launch.

No price point yet

And of course the biggest is PRICE POINT. I know you saw that coming right? But it is a big deal. I don't have money to just buy everything that comes out. Most likely I'll get one or the other, PS4 or the new Xbox. Which is cheaper will probably be the way I decide which to get. I know it's going to be high, but can it be reasonable? The PS3 was 500 to 600 dollars at launch, which in my opinion is far to much. It's simply unrealistic to charge that much and expect it to sell incredibly well, as evidenced by the Xbox 360 and Wii sales being so much greater. I think that the cost will probably have to be in the 400 to 600 range, but if it's more than that or even on the upper end of that then I'm not going to be so inclined to buy it.

In conclusion, I really like what's been revealed about the PS4, and it may very well be the next system I pick up. Still I think that jumping on the PS4 bandwagon may be a little early for me. I'm certainly going to sit back and watch the Big 3 battle it out for system dominance, but know that at this point I'm wary about the PS4.