Once again Nintendo gave us an early morning treat. This morning Nintendo had another Nintendo Direct, one focusing mostly on, oddly enough, Luigi. They announced a new DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U focusing on Luigi. They also revealed a new game called Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, a new entry in the RPG series.

Last show they gave us even more to be excited for. Zelda, Smash Bros tease, Mario tease, a new monolith soft RPG, and even Shin Megami x Fire Emblem. That's a lot of awesome announcements, no doubt, but there are still things that I would love to see Nintendo do at E3, or just in the near future that would make me a very happy customer.

This is in No particular order, just a list of things I would like to see, also not necessarily what I expect. If half of these things happen though, you can consider me impressed with Nintendo.

1.) Firmware Updates for Wii U

Nintendo promised some Firmware stuff, and I do want to see what those do, but regardless I would still like them to announce, or at the very least detail the summer update, assuming it hasn't released yet. The inclusion of folders would be nice, and polishing some things, like Eshop, layouts of some menus, and more miiverse features would be welcome. I'm not really sure what features I would like, but voice chats in game and other general features should most definitely be included soon.

2.) Return to 2D

We all remember the great games on the NES and SNES. This doesn't mean that 3D games have been bad, quite opposite really. Mario, Zelda, even Metroid to a degree has benefitted from the jump to 3D. But at the same time, I would love to see are turn to the 2D. Mario has benefitted from 2D gaming with the New Super Mario Bros. series, as well as games like Donkey Kong and Kirby. But what about Metroid? How about Zelda? Games such as Link to the Past and Super Metroid are often called the greatest ever, the Wii U or 3DS can easily play host to a revival of this classic side scrolling genre.

3.) Expound upon announced games

This one is kind of a given, I know, but games like Mario 3D just have to be elaborated upon. It's necessary. The most important one for me though is the Smash Bros. game. A game developed by Namco Bandai that has always been a game reserved for Hal makes me a little weary. But I have faith in the Smash Bros. series, and I know it always pulls through. I really wanna see a character roster as well, that would be awesome. Or at least the beginnings of one. And not to mention fire emblem x shin Megami Tensei, the Zelda HD, and Yoshi Land. Come on!

4.) Revive the Lost Series

Where is Star Fox? Yeah, it was remade recently, but an original great Star Fox game. What about F-Zero? I wouldn't mind seeing a new Metroid, maybe a new DK game. And bring Kid Icarus to the Wii U. I know Metroid and DK aren't exactly "lost" but they just don't release these games like they do zelda, Mario, Kirby, and their ridiculous party games. Fans are dying for this stuff. Also a new Earthbound in some capacity would be amazing. Maybe even port Mother 3 to America on 3DS or something like that. Sounds awesome no?

5.) Reveal Retro's new game (as well as other second party devs and partners)

We have been waiting on this forever... Seriously, what could they be doing? The rumors are Metroid, but could it be star fox or f-zero? Or maybe an all new IP? Whatever it is, get us out the dark Nintendo, seriously. Plus, Nintendo needs to get their second party developers into the mix more. Camelot hasn't been seen with a Golden Sun game in a while, Pokemon stadium may be a good choice as well. Things like that can really change the game for people who may still be bordering.

6.) Third party support

Nintendo has a lot of 3rd party support on 3DS and one of the strongest handheld lineups in a while. This needs to translate over to the Wii U. Companies like Bioware, Bethesda, Activision, and plenty more can finally make their games for Nintendo console an not scale everything down . Ubisoft is already showing that they support the Wii U, but what about the rest of the game world. Nintendo needs to make it worth their wild so that we can see great series continue to grace Nintendo consoles. I'd also love more exclusive games from third parties. Take advantage of the gamepad and miiverse features and make games that aren't only Nintendo first party. Nintendo really needs to show these games as well. Don't just tease them, but SHOW them. That'll help big time.

7.) New IP's

Nintendo has one of the most dedicated exclusive libraries ever. But that doesn't mean they are in the clear. They need to mix things up. I love that Mario, Zelda, and all of my favorite franchises are coming, and I hope more will, but Nintendo needs a new trump card. Maybe a new platformer, or action game, but I'd love to see them dabble in shooter mechanics. Nintendo has never been a player in the shooter market, I know, but using the creativity and art department I believe that Nintendo can craft a masterpiece. A more cartoony, zani style shooter, that isn't super violent or throws f bombs, but presents real characters and an interesting plot set in a gorgeous Nintendo world with interesting new gameplay mechanics that can really set it apart from something halo and kill zone and COD would be glorious in the rise of the Wii U.



8.) Don't forget the 3DS

Nintendo has one of the strongest handheld divisions the world has ever seen. The 3DS continues this trend, even after a rather mediocre launch. So Nintendo would be foolish not to expand on Pokemon x/y, and a slew of their 3rd party games. Also this is not the time to go full force on Wii U, since the 3DS install base is much larger at the moment; Nintendo needs to support it's fan base. Announcing a big Zelda title (majora's mask remake or otherwise) would send fans going crazy. Maybe a follow up on star fox, or pikmin, or Metroid. Something to assure fans that the 3DS is still going strong.

9.) Online Support Continued/Improved

Wii U online is the best it gets for Nintendo. Miiverse and apps are really cool. A web browser is great, especially when combined with the gamepad. But there are some things that I want. Great online play is essential, especially in shooters and things. So making great servers would help. And it would be vastly better than each company doing a separate server. DLC in this day and age is almost essential. Providing quality DLC information, or even releasing some free DLC the day of E3 can be a really compelling reason to pop in a Nintendo Wii U game, even with all the hype of E3 going on. And if you can convince me to put in a game and take my eyes off of E3 coverage, that in itself is impressive.

10.) RPG (Pokemon, Mario, FF, Xeno, anything)

Nintendo has been a go to RPG publisher since the NES or SNES. Some times they slacked off a little, but the go to handhelds for RPG's... DS and 3DS. The first final fantasies... NES and SNES. More and more of nintendo's systems play host to RPG's. I'd love to see more announced at E3.

Pokemon and Mario RPG are both seriously successful Nintendo franchises that have RPG mechanics in place. I wouldn't mind seeing Nintendo try something along this line with other series, or create brand new experiences. Monolith Soft working on a new "Xeno" game looks fascinating, but where is my final fantasy and Dragons quest?


These are the things that I really want to see from E3. It doesn't matter if I get them all, but I really would like to see these things announced in some capacity. Nintendo is still one of my favorite developers, and these Nintendo Directs are signs of hope for the future of Nintendo.  I cant wait to see what the future of the 3DS and the Wii U holds. What do you think?