First order of business:

Thanks to everyone who came to Fragfest today. I know I had no idea what to expect. And, I'm not sure about Stranger, but I don't think he knew what to expect either. But the awesome Gameinformer community came together to make today's Fragfest awesome. We had a steady party of 10-12 at all times. So Thanks again to all of you for making the reincarnation of Fragfest a huge success.

Now, as I stated, today was my first actual community event. Back whenever Fragfest was still run by Eyros I never had the games. Once Fragfest died, there really wasn't much to do in the community. I wanted to do something, and other than playing a little bit of Halo with Le Hannibal, I had never really gotten to play with the community.

Whenever Stranger approached me with the idea of reviving Fragfest, I was all in. I figured this would be a great way to get the community together and playing again. Whenever Stranger asked if I would like to host Fragfest, I was... nervous, I guess. I had never played with the community, much less hosted an event. I did it though, and here's how it went.

At about 2:30 CST I got on Halo and got ready. After a quick match of Infection to get back into the swing of things, I began setting up for the actual Fragfest event.. 15 minutes prior to event time, Chris MrVicka joined my party and we started talking about what we were gonna play... and about his dog. Soon more people showed up and we had a steady party of about eight people.

Then the party died. People got kicked out of the Xbox Live Party, and problems started occuring. This this worried me. At this point I was still a little nervous about actually hosting the event, and running into hiccups this early didn't look good. I know it was nothing major, but it still startled me a bit.

We moved over to game chat which thankfully, worked. We started with a game of infection, with around 9 of us. It was a great gametype to get back into Halo again, but then we moved onto Garbage Man, which didn't go so well. The maps we played on were all broken, sadly, since Garbage Man done right is a blast.

We also did a little Duck Hunt, which was actually really neat, but people kept killing the sniper, therefore killing the gametype. But still, it was fun.

By this point, I had finally eased into hosting a bit. We were all having a good time. All I had to do was get a feel for what people wanted to play, and usually Stranger was making suggestions behind the scenes, so it wasn't all that hard. We finally got to the highlight of the afternoon: Speed Halo.

Speed Halo is quite simple. Get in a warthog and drive down a really steep ramp. At the end there are zombies waiting to kill you with a hammer or a sword, and then you just warp back to the top and fly back down. This simple concept was a blast. We probably played Speed Halo in total for over an hour. It was loved by everyone I'm pretty sure. Dark Lord Kaan was like my mortal enemy. I swear he killed me at least 7 times.

We played a little bit of a gametype called Tetris, which was enjoyable. And then we played some classic slayer. I had a little trouble finding a map to play on, until someone decided that we should just cycle through them all. So we played a good five rounds of Slayer with various team combination. That was a lot of fun as well, even if i did suck at it.

Then we ended with Speed Halo... again. It was just so much fun. We played a little Tetris after that, but Speed Halo was the last thing we played with almost everyone there.

So in the end, Fragfest was a huge success. i think everyone had fun, and playing with the GIO community for the first time was awesome. I was a little nervous about actually having to host it, but I had CheeseballPwn backing me up in case I needed it. I think I handled it rather well though, and am pleased with how Fragfest came out.

So once again, Thanks to everyone who came out, and I hope you had fun.