Star Wars. One of the most acclaimed series of all time. Many forms of media have been based off of this series, and Video Games is the form of media with the most mixed opinions. Me and DeadmanWalking dissect the past, present, and future of Star Wars video gaming.

Deadman= Green

blaze6106= Red


The Phantom Past


Star Wars... It is no huge secret, I am an enormous Star Wars fanatic. I've read many books in the Extended Universe, I've played a lot of the games, and I religiously watch the movies.

I have had many fond memories with the Star Wars games of ages past(ages being 5-10 years ago and beyond), and regretfully, I have missed out on some of them. That's a long story... But growing up I can remember playing games like Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, Rogue Squadron, and Battlefront 1 & 2 extensively.

However, I have missed out on arguably better titles like Republic Commando, Knights of the Old Republic, and Bounty Hunter. Those titles came out on the XBOX, and we only had an N64 and a PS2. I have Republic Commando on Steam, and I plan on getting KOTOR also to do my duty, pay my respects, and experience the honor of what once was.


Like Deadman here, I'm a huge Star wars fan. I adore the old republic universe, played many games, and have seen all the movies multiple times.

And as such, i've played many of the great Star Wars games. Games like Battlefront II fill me with Nostalgia. Rogue Squdron, Jedi Academy, and more are all great games, that have been embedded in my memory forever.

Kotor will forever be the Star Wars game I remember most fondly. The gameplay, the story, the characters, the visuals, it was all so good. I can go on and on about the famous twist ending of the game, as well as the awesome fights that occur at the end, and the diverging paths of Jedi and Sith. This game is quite possibly the best Star Wars game ever made.


*sigh* I feel disappointed in myself that I haven't really played KOTOR. The way you describe it... It's empowering. I'll definitely give it a chance on the PC.



Attack of the Shovelware


For every great game that exist, you can find some bad ones. While some games give you a great experience, others leave you wanting more.

For example, Kinect: Star Wars. I was excited for this game. I really was, it looked great. I was set on getting it, until I played the demo. It was disappointing, and at times just plain broken. I couldn't get the game to respond correctly to many of my movements. The best part of the game was outside of the main game, and that wasn't much better.

Another game that comes to mind is the Star Wars: Episode III game. Licensed titles generally suck, and this game wasn't an exception. The visuals were bad, the voice work wasn't amazing, and the gameplay just wasn't that fun. It had some good bossfights, but even that is hard to say it qualifies to be a good game.


I have to say, I was not very hopeful or excited for Kinect Star Wars... I had a very bad feeling about it. I can't really say much about it since I don't have a Kinect, or much desire to get one, but I don't really think that the Kinect offers meaningful additions to gaming, save a title or two. Needless to say, it turned out to be a massive pile of crap, in my opinion.

I actually played through Star Wars: Episode III... I personally thought it was okay. Granted, you are right, it was a bad licensed title, and it had bad gameplay. That game is one of the worse decisions my brothers and I made during our childhood.


Revenge of the RPG


The Old Republic. I don't have a PC that can run this game... I wish I did. I may have a GPU that will be able to run it soon... All in all, I am very much looking forward to getting into this game. It probably will take a long time to get used to, since I've never played an MMO in my life.

I suppose the main reason I'm excited is that it's kinda a spiritual successor to KOTOR. Part of the storyline was written by Drew Karpyshyn himself(the famous legend who worked on the stories for KOTOR, Jade Empire, Baldur's Gate, and Mass Effect), and that had me hooked.

I've heard various opinions with differing conclusions about this game, but I look forward to making my own opinion of it.


I will probably never play this game. I want to, so much, but I don't have a PC that will run it, or the money to pay for it. I like the idea though. I love it really. A large MMO world that is all about Star Wars, especially the old republic. That is great.

The story being written by Drew Karpyshyn alkso makes me want to play it. I love how they are getting him to write part of it. (Sadly he has retired from Bioware)

Still, the conept of them going back to the roots of KOTOR makes me happy. I think that is still my favorite Star Wars game, and seeing the successor is awesome.



A New Hope


Star Wars 1313. The only announced Star Wars game I even know of. If there's others, they must being flying really under the radar. I am excited for this game, most certainly.

First, I know it was running on a high end PC at E3, but did you see those graphics. That was incredible. If that can be even half as good on 360, I'm sold.

The gameplay looks wonderful. It seems to borrow elelemts from Uncharted, a game I've never played, but looks incredible. The platforming, the Gunplay, the environments. It all looks similar, but in a Star Wars way. The darker tone of the game is a great take on Star Wars, and I'm sure Deamer, with his love of Bounty Hunters will appreciate that angle a lot.


BOBA FETT!!! In all seriousness, I don't think it seeming like a Star Wars version of Uncharted is all that bad. It isn't really a style of game that Star Wars has tried out, and I am keeping my eyes on this one.

When 1313 was mentioned, I was REALLY excited(because apparently Boba Fett's designation was CT-1313). I thought it would be about Boba Fett... To my disappointment, it wasn't, but it's still bringing me hope to the Star Wars game-iverse.

As a Star Wars fan, I feel that the universe is being drowned down with a lot of hollow garbage. I realize that Star Wars is almost a 40 year old franchise, and that we've had Star Wars games for around 20 years, but there is more than enough room for LucasArts and other developers to expand in video games.

1313 is my "New Hope" for Star Wars games. I hope it'll point the video games, and the direction of TV shows(Clone Wars... *shudders*) into a better direction.


The Lame Sequels Strike Back


I played the first Force Unleashed soon after it came out... Even though it was on Wii(don't judge me, we didn't have a 360 at the time), it was still an enjoyable experience. The cutscenes were horrible, but I still feel like it portrayed enough emotion to pull the story along. I realize that the continuity of the Wii and the 360/PS3 versions don't line up exactly, but that's potato patato.

So, you would think that The Force Unleashed II would be an even better experience, since now, I had a 360. Better graphics, better gameplay, better... Everything! Nope. Nopenopenope. It had very good graphics, don't get me wrong, but I think that the ending of TFU made it really hard for a sequel to be appealing to fans... I won't spoil it for anyone even though it's an old game.

The Force Unleashed II was a huge disappointment for me. I can't exactly remember, but I think you only traveled to three or four different planets, compared to the first game's 6 or 7[note: feel free to correct this Blaze]. It had a depressingly short storyline, with shallow character development. Starkiller's spiritual growth in the Force wasn't very apparent, and although there was a struggle within himself, it wasn't anything emotionally moving.


Like Deadman I played The Force Unleashed on Wii, and like it a lot for a Wii game. So whenever I heard of TFU II, I downloaded the demo. And it looked and played pretty great. I never did buy the full game. I heard of the horrible story that the game had, and as such, did not buy it.

While we are talking about disappointing sequels though, KOTOR II was a big disappointment for me. I loved the gameplay, it was refined into RPG excellence. And I even liked the characters for the most part. None were quite as compelling as the relationship between Bastila and the main character though.

What got me was the story. I didn't like it at all. The triumvirate was a great idea, but I felt it fell short in the end. They weren't compelling enough. *Spoiler= Kreia as the head of it didn't match up to the twist in the first one* And I found that overall the story was just weak.



Return of What Was Good


What does the future hold for this franchise? No one knows, but there are things that I would like to see in the future.

Personally I think the franchise should return to its Single Player RPG ways. I know we may never get a true KOTOR sequel, but I would love one. Maybe centered around Darth Bane (favorite Sith ever.) Maybe even setting in the post-movie, new Republic era, centered on the Solo kids or something.

I'm still a sucker for anything related to the Jedi/Sith and constant force battle. I like the new direction of 1313, but would not be disappointed in an original Jedi Sith thing.

And as stated above, I really think Story needs to be a big factor in the future. Part of RPG's is a great story, and I think Star Wars has potential there. They just need to tap into it.


I also agree that LucasArts should turn back to publishing single player RPGs. A couple new shooters wouldn't hurt. Anything fresh, new, nostalgic, I don't have any preference. As long as it offers a meaningful Star Wars experience, I'm game for it.

I don't think LucasArts truly realizes how well-recieved a new series, or even a sequel to classic games would be. Either that, or they simply don't care. Heck, they could even reboot Rogue Squadron and games of that caliber. So many fans, regardless of how little they like Star Wars, hope highly for a return of what once was.


Final Comments


I want to thank Blaze here for getting me to do a co-blog. It isn't something I am used to, writing with another person, but I think we managed to pull something together. I really enjoyed writing with you, dude, always a pleasure talking with another Star Wars fan.


It was super awesome to write with Deadman. As a fellow Star Wars fan he really talked about some great points. I think I also encouraged him to play KOTOR, which is always good. I love co-blogs, and Deadman was an awesome partner to have. I also want to thank Stranger for putting this on. Its awesome to get the community involved like this.


blaze6106, DeadmanWalking