We did it. We escaped the Calamity. The secret power of the Bastion let us escape all of Caeldonia. It was gone. We had no idea where we going, or if there would be other people there, or anything. The Bastion just went. We all began to feel a little drowsy, so we slowly faded into the welcoming abyss that is sleep.

When we awoke, The Kid was sitting at the edge of the Bastion, just looking out across the endless plains. I strolled over to him, and my breath stopped as I saw what he was eyeing so strongly. The mountains rose above the Bastion. They stretched out endlessly. Snowy peaks, grassy hilltops, and small rivers dotted the mountain side. Villages appeared, with ant sized people milling about.

Zulf and Zia joined us, as we started to hum a familiar tune. We continued to sing as we gazed upon this new land. It signaled a new beginning, a new hope. We kept flying, soaring above the mountaintops, laughing as people pointed and ran. It was a joyous occasion.

 As we flew, we came upon a large metropolis. People bustled about their daily lives, no one even noticing the large floating landmass. Small huts and larger wooden buildings rose into the sky. They seemed to be slightly less advanced than that of Caeldonia, only having a few arsenals lying about and only very small brick buildings. Then we saw it. The Kid spotted it first, pointing and almost falling off the Bastion trying to get a closer look. It was a large stone building, appearing to be a library of some sorts. Outside were guards, though they were hard to see, they looked quite intimidating.

Who knows the wonders that could be inside? I couldn't wait to explore. This was going to be our new home. It was as if the Bastion had heard me, as if I was steering it with my mind. It began to descend, easing its way towards the edges of the city.

Then the fire came. It was sudden, fierce, and it engulfed an entire house instantly. The flames rose up, lighting the sky, even searing the bottom of the bastion. I felt the heat as it crashed onto the Bastion. No, this couldn't be happening. The Kid panicked, as well as Zulf and Zia. They rushed to my side, trying to drag me to the center of The Bastion. Trying to turn the machine around, leave this place. I wished that I wasn't here, that I wouldn't have to go through this again. I tried my best, but the Bastion just kept moving, even more rapidly now. As I willed more to leave, the Bastion increased its speed.

The fires grew more intense. They burned away at houses, caught people on fire, turning them to ash. It was horrible, watching as these people ran, rushed to the sparse arsenals, hurrying home, probably to find family. Many rushed to the central building. It seemed to serve as their Bastion, a place that you could run to in a time of need.

The Bastion set down, just outside the city. The Kid raised him Hammer, the only weapon he brought with him. The rest were in the arsenal, but it didn't seem like he would have time. Fires started appearing near the bastion, encroaching on our once safe haven.  But suddenly they stopped. All was quiet, and people began to come back outside. Then the Earth started to shake. Buildings collapsed, people began screaming again.

Then all of sudden, out of the ground shadows appeared. They took on the shape of some unknown creature. The scurried around, began attacking people. These creatures turned people to dust, draining all life from them instantly. It was horrid. The Kid began pounding away at them. Nothing helped though, they just kept coming. Soon more began to form, these were able to fly. They began swarming down on people. Just ripping apart an entire city and everyone was helpless.

Still the central building was fine. The shadows couldn't breach there. They struggled, but all their efforts were in vain. I watched as Zulf and Zia managed to fight a few away, and soon rushed to their aid.

"We need to get to that building!" I told them. We continued fighting, pushing our way through piles of dust and countless creatures. The Kid hammered away, holding them off. I did my best to keep them away from Zia and Zulf. There were so many. Where had they come from? What were they? This was nothing like The Calamity.

I watched as The Kid fought, brutally, but to no avail. Soon there was one large shadow creature standing before us. They seemed to form into one massive being, almost as if it were from a legend. It had massive horns, and stood on two legs. It held a large axe in its hand, and a sword in the other. The Kid began to attack it, but it did nothing. The beast swatted his attacks away. Zulf stood and watched, mystified by this creature.

It seemed as if Zulf could stop it. I can't say why I had that feeling, but the look in his eye showed that he could defeat this beast. But he hesitated. He didn't want to do it. Whatever IT was. I turned to see how The Kid was doing, and what I saw terrified me.  The Hammer had been batted away, and The Kid was defenseless. The creature raised his axe, and prepared for the final blow.

It seemed as if time stopped. The next thing I knew Zulf was standing in front of The Kid, smiling at him. "It's time to return the favor," Zulf told him. I watched as the axe severed through Zulf, disintegrating his body, leaving only a pile of dust in his wake. A tear left Zia's eye, and I felt one begin to form in my own. He was part of my family, the only family I had left. The beast melted away as well, leaving nothing behind.

"How did he know?" Zia asked as she choked back tears.

"He paid attention. The shadows are only out for one person. I don't know why, but every time one would kill a man, they would disappear as well. We just couldn't see it." I responded, in a somber tone.

We saw the creatures attack the building, overcoming it finally. They had invaded their final stronghold. It was over, hope was lost.  I slowly felt my body grow weak, and then blacked out, to the sight of both Zia and The Kid collapsing.


I awoke with no idea how long I had been asleep. Around me was ruin, nothing but dust and shattered buildings. I was a Stranger again; in a new land, devastated, by a force that I knew nothing of. I saw a shadow approaching me from the distance. I knew it could only be one person.

I guess there is no Escaping Fate.