Anyone that knows me on the site probably knows I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan. My second to last 31/31 post was Kingdom Hearts. Its my favorite Game series of all Time. I've mentioned it in several blogs, talked about its stellar game play and story. I've talked about how well the two worlds are fused, Disney and Square Enix, in my Member Herding. The point being, I think this game is possibly one of the best ever.

Recently though, it has been hard to stay fan of the game. Fans of the series will know the last major entry was Kingdom Hearts 2, that was in 2005. since then several offshoots have come out, but none that has really captured my interest. Chain of Memories was remade, but I wasn't a huge fan. I preferred it on Gameboy Advance. Birth by Sleep was good, but it was different and didn't have the memorable characters of the original games. I didn't even play Re:Coded.

That all changed with the announcement of the next spin-off. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The difference with this one is that it leads right into the Kingdom Hearts II. This one has all the favorite characters, Sora, Riku, probably Kairi, and all the old Final Fantasy guys. It also adds Neku.

Then this came out. This demo is the only one I've played twice on my 3DS. It only came out yesterday. I plan on playing it a lot more as well. This demo really has me pumped up for this game. I'm going pre-order the collector's edition soon. This demo only cemented that opinion.

The demo does little story wise, other than Sora waking in Traverse town, which looks like it always has, and Neku showing up. Neku is pretty cool. He has this really laid back attitude. I never played the game he is in, World Ends With You, so this is my first impression of him. He feels really teenager-ish, in a good way. Then we get into some action.

The new Flowmotion system is remarkable. It adds a whole new layer to the great mechanics. Everything is faster paced now. You have to run, dash, jump, and be doing several things all at once. It's like extreme parkour. You can fling yourself off poles, bounce around walls, and grind rails. This makes the combat more sporadic, and that's a good thing.It's really something you have to play to see how it affects the game play.

They borrow the Command Deck system from Birth By Sleep, but it feels more improved this time. It is really the same thing, but for some reason it felt easier to use, smoother this time. And the abilities you have in the demo are really cool, and show a lot of potential for the abilities going beyond the simple magic spells. I hope these abilities are further fleshed out in the full game.

There is also a reality shift mode, which involves the touch screen. It affects how you interact with things in the environment. You can throw barrels, which what they did in the demo, that is really all they showed, but it looks like it can have neat uses. 

The 3D effect is nice, but like most games is not game changing.

The demo ends in an awesome boss fight with Hockomonkey. And it involves a lot of using abilities as well as often jumping along walls with Flowmotion. I felt that it was a great show case of the Flowmotion and revised combat of this game. It was a whole new kind of exciting. It felt like I was putting in Kingdom Hearts all over again. It was new but classic.

This game is the future of Kingdom Hearts...

And a lot of new fans will be introduced to the series...

But for me...

This game is just Re-Kindling The Fire.