*Update at the Bottom*

I like to write. I think most people here know that. I'm not that great at it, but I'm not all that bad either. I don't think so at least. What I like writing most is Fan Fiction though. I love the creativity that comes with it. The ability to adapt a universe to your own and write about it. It's a great thing.

Some of you even know I posted one or two Fan Fictions on this site. Purification and The Loyalists. You probably also know that I haven't finished them. The future development of those stories will be going to the Fanfiction group, as well as anything else I decide to write.

So what is he GIO Fanfiction Group exactly?

"The idea came while reading this thread on the GIO Bronies Group page. People began to talk about Fanfictions and ones they liked and things. I know the Bronies page has a place to write My Little Pony related Fanfictions, but what about all the other great fandoms out there? That's why this page exist. It is here so people can write Fan Fictions, discuss them, give criticism, and more."

So that's a little overview of what it is. It's all about being able to share your Fanfiction writings with the GIO community in one place. The forums are there for discussion of GIO member's fan fictions, as well as other fan fictions. So the goal is to write, post, then give criticism, talk about it, and just help improve peoples writing, all while reading great stories from fellow GIO member's.

I already have one Fanfiction posted there, Fighting Fate Itself. Here's a summary:

"A mandalorain, suddenly orphaned, is taken in by jedi. What seems simple enough will soon take him to remote galaxies, fighting a fight that is too much for him to over come. He will soon meet face to face with a Sith Lord, bent on destroying the Jedi."

DeadManWalking was a big help in developing the character and things. I'm really hoping you all will like it.

So now a little bit more about the group: 


1. This page is for GIO member's ORIGINAL fanfictions. Please do not copy other fanfictions and claim them as your own, or even post them in the blog page at all. They can be discussed and linked in the forums, but not on the blog page itself.

2. Please post all of your Fanfictions in the group blog page. There people can comment on them. Do not post them as forum post. The forums should be used as a place of discussion. Blogs are for actual stories themselves. 

3. Forums will be used as group discussions, giving advice, Fan fiction ideas, Artwork based on Fanfictions, Discussion of GIO and other fanfictions, and just general randomness. I will try to be lenient on the Forum post, but try to keep most of it Fanfiction related in some way.

4. No Flaming. We want to encourage people to write, and help them with it. No matter what you think of a Fan Fiction, please be constructive. All GIO members are allowed, even if they do not have that much writing experience.

5. Any Fandom is allowed.(That includes My Little Pony, even if there is a page for that. I suggest posting there though, but I will not make you take it off this page.)

6. Please keep content in the guidelines of Game Informer Online. No very explicit language (unless censored) and no heavy Sexual Content. Basically, keep it PG-13.


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Myself (blaze6106)







Drym Shyuan



Le Hannibal

How to Post Fanfictions:

Unfortunately, Members can not post blogs to a group page. This is a site issue, and can not be changed, so if you are in the group, I am setting up a forum to tell me your interested in posting a story. If this is you, then I will change you to a owner, and then you can post a blog (Fanfiction.)

What to Expect from Me:

I plan on doing a lot with this group. If I can gather a decent following, I hope it will become somewhat like the Brony group, though I know it will never get that big. I already have a story there, though it is still early. I also plan on converting my other stories from blogs into the group page and posting them exclusively there. I will then create forums for these stories so they can be discussed and commented on. I also have some old stories to post up, such as:

Prisoner: Another Star Wars story, focused on a captured Storm Trooper, who becomes a merc for the Rebels.

Hunger Games: A story revolving around the introduction of a new era of the Hunger Games, in which Katniss's children must participate in.

And a lot more.

An Incentive:

Drym Shyuan is currently working on a story that many of the members of GIO will be a part of. This story is set in the Fallout Universe. Drym has agreed to post the story, once it is finished in the GIO Fanfiction Group first. He may even update his progress and things in the Forums as he goes. To get the latest on this story, become a member of the group.


GIO Fanfiction Round-Up:

Every two weeks/month (depends on how many are posted), I'm going to collect the Fanfictions that were posted/updated, and write a main page blog, briefly describing them and giving my thoughts on them. This gives a chance for new members to learn about the group, and a chance for people who aren't members to see what is going on in the group. I hope this gives some people the incentive to join who aren't in the group and write their own things.

*End Update*

Okay so that's about all I got. I really hope this catches on, and people join, and it becomes a big thing. I really like Fanfictions, writing and reading them, so please post them, and discuss them.