King had his sword drawn as the heartless approached. They came in hordes at him. He dashed forward, cutting the first one, a small black bug looking thing, in two. It dissipated into thin air, but another one quickly followed. King dodged the creature, then followed through with a quick vertical slice, severing the creature. Another heartless, this one, a flying one, descended and attacked him. He rolled to the side, where he encountered another of the insect looking heartless. He spun around and killed the small heartless, and intercepted the others attack. He pushed the Heartless away, and cut him in half.

He had been walking through Traverse Town, looking to find Leon, when suddenly they had attacked. He panicked for a second. They had killed all the Heartless a few years ago, with Sora. They had sealed the Heart, and they should be free of Heartless. He had quickly fought back, but they kept coming. After he had killed those, he hurried towards their hideout, located in the underground of Traverse Town.

As her made it inside, he shut the door and quickly went to find Leon.

"Leon," King called, as he located Leon talking to Cid in the room with the plans of Traverse Town.

"Not now King," Leon replied without even turning back, "we have big problems."

"The Heartless are back!" King yelled at him.

"How did you know that?" Leon turned on his heels. Leon was the leader of the movement to revive Traverse Town. After Sora had reconnected the Worlds several times, people found their way back to their worlds. Traverse Town had become desolate. Those still there had no money, no supplies, nothing. They couldn't live. Leon had felt partly responsible, so he began a movement to make it home for some. It was no longer going to be a town you just passed through, it would become home to all.

King had found his way into the movement, when he found his world was destroyed, and he could never go home. King was a twenty year old man, who had a knack with a sword. He was dangerous, and had fought Heartless before. Leon had told him the movement would be easy, but he never mentioned Heartless. King had risen up in the ranks, becoming close to Leon in terms of leadership.

King was about to tell Leon what happened when he heard a high voice yell from another room. "Leon, their at the door!" Yuffie called from the main hallway.

"King, can you handle them?" Leon said as King drew his sword.

"Already on it boss," King replied with his nickname for Leon. Leon scowled a little, he hated "being in charge." He felt as if they were all equal, but everyone looked to him as a leader. He had been the one to find this place, and he came up with the idea. All had gone smooth, until now. People had begun to populate the abandoned areas and the town square was always bustling. People were bound to leave now that the Heartless had returned.

King shook the thoughts from his mind and rushed to help Yuffie. He watched as she threw a shuriken through a heartless, causing it to disintegrate. He saw two soldiers trying to get through the door as he rushed out. He stabbed one, vaporizing it, then spun his sword around and decapitated the other.

"Looks like you can use some help!" King shouted to Yuffie. Yuffie flipped away from one of the shadows, the bug like heartless, and threw a shuriken at it. It hit square in the eye.

"What gave you that idea?" Yuffie smiled.

The two of them covered the door, making sure to stop all the Heartless who approached. Shadows swarmed them, sometimes sinking into the ground to attack from behind. The ended up fighting back to back to cover all areas. King swung high, then low, severing a Red Nocturne in half. He rolled away from Yuffie and stabbed another soldier. Their numbers were dwindling.

"We need to hurry back in and discuss with Leon what to do next.," King shouted to Yuffie.

"We have to clear the square," Leon said as he approached from inside. He shot a fireball at a heartless as it jumped to attack him. The heartless exploded.

"There is a behemoth in the square, it is destroying homes and killing civilians," Leon said as he started to run towards the sewer ladder. Yuffie and King followed closely behind.The moved from the sewer to the nearby double doors that led right into Town Square. King didn't want to see what it looked like now. They had spent months rebuilding and crafting fine homes and shops. All for what? Now the square was under attack by a massive behemoth, that could possibly destroy the entire world if King and the rest of the movement don't stop it.

As King and the gang entered the square, they laid eyes on the massive beast that sat in the center, tearing apart homes and attacking people. It was large and purple, almost like an evil elephant. On its chest was a massive Heartless Emblem. It had a black horn atop its head that looked as if it was spewing lightning. It had large tusks that curled up and struck fear in the heart of King. This creature was not going to be easy to take down.

King and Leon rushed to attack the beast, while Yuffie held off the swarms of little heartless. Leon sent a wave of fire at the beast, causing him to barely even flinch. He turned his sights on Leon and King and let out a fearsome growl. He lunged at his two attackers, but they managed to roll out to the side, avoiding his attack. Suddenly King saw an axe lodge into the beast's upper thigh. It let out a cry of pain and then thrashed about, sending his attacker flying.

King recognized the man. He was older, around his mid thirties, and was bald atop his head. He had a neatly shaven goatee and looked as if he was a harden soldier. He was new to the movement, but he was a valuable ally to have.

"Hannibal, you okay?" King shouted to the man. He rushed over to his assistance. Luckily the axe had come out, and Hannibal was okay, but still the beast was more enraged than ever.

"I'm good King, but where is J. Zagro?" Hannibal asked as he looked around frantically. J. Zagro, who they usually called Zagro, was a shop owner in town. He supplied most of the equipment and food for the movement. He was banished from his homeland, but no one knew exactly why.

"If he was smart he got the hell out of here!" King responded, but out the corner of his eye he spotted a man, small and thin, running towards the door, right by the path of the behemoth. He knew that was Zagro. He watched him scrambling, and trying to run, but within a few second the massive behemoth had crushed the man, instantly ending his life.

"Noooooo!" King shouted as he heard a muffled cry come from his friend. He felt a tear forming, but wiped it away and stood, his sword drawn.

"I will end you!" King shouted as he charged the beast. He dodged his raging body, and rolled under his legs to get behind him. He moved swiftly up his hind legs and towards the horn on his head. He looked back and saw Leon close behind. The beast, noticing the people on his back, began to buck wildly, sending Leon off of him and straight into a building. King kept a grip on the Heartless, and drove his sword into his back. The beast roared, but King kept on. He withdrew the sword and rushed to the horn. In one quick slash, he severed the horn from the beast's head, sending him vanishing into thin air.

Without warning, a man, cloaked in a purple robe appeared and shouted, "I am Jolt, and your world will turn to ruin by my hands! All the worlds will crumble, for this is just the beginning!"The man then vanished, causing all the heartless to vanish with him.

"What was that?" King asked Leon.

"I don't know, but something tells me he's right, this is only the beginning."


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Hope you liked it. I know it was kind of long, but I think King will enjoy it. I hope so. I also hope sorryjzagro, Le Hannibal, and Jolt, the cynic, don't have a problem being included.