I was looking for a cheap headset that would actually last. I have been through several of the little ones that you are given with your Xbox. I had heard about the nice quality of Turtle Beach headphones, so I knew that those are the ones I wanted.

This particular headset was only $40, so I knew I could get it for Christmas, which is why it is in my Christmas Review series. I got the headset just a little before Christmas and it has worked great so far.

The problem with the headset is the wires. There are lots of them. They get tangled easily and they can get in the way. I really wish it was wireless, but those cost too much.

The sound quality from both games and people is wonderful. It can operate as both a headset for chat and a pair of headphones for gaming. The normal headsets are total garbage. You can hear breathing, they cut out a lot, and they just don't sound good. These don't have that problem. Everything comes over really clear. Gaming with them sounds even better. It is like surround sound in your ears. 

The main reason that I bought them though is the durability. So far that hasn't let me down. They have hardly taken a scratch, and they haven't given me any problems as of yet. They are super comfortable and feel just right. It does get really hot with those things on at all times though. Extended gameplay sessions may become uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a cheap headset that will probably last a while, then these are a good choice.