Well what can I say. Even with the 31/31 still going strong, Wolf has roped me into doing another one of his projects. He is crazy. I love this kind of thing though, so I knew I had to do it. Please though, don't forget to check out all the other WGWC blogs. They have all been really good and they are an awesome insight into the style of writing that people have.

So without further adieu, let the challenge begin!

Introduction to the Writer

My name is Austin and I'm 16, but call me Blaze. I consider myself sort of a veteran on the site. Not like Saint or Apozem, but still rather known around here. I started writing at the beginning of this year and watched many of the great writers on this site leave, and saw them come back again. You know who you are. I have watched as great writers have been born on these very pages. I read some of Oni No Tenshi's first blogs, and she is now one of the best bloggers on the site.

Writing for me is a Passion. I know many say that, but it is true. A Passion is anything you care deeply about and I wouldn't be doing this right now if I didn't love what I'm doing. You can tell that no matter what I write about it is always about something I like. You notice I don't write about Sports, I write about Video Games. That's because I love Video Games. When I write I take it seriously and write about things I truly care about.

I love the community; that's why I blog on Gameinformer. You, the people reading this and commenting on it are why I write. I wrote on IGN for a while, but there was no interaction like on here. I left there quickly and somehow ended up at Gameinformer.

My Status as a Writer

I want to tell myself that I am a good writer, that many adore what I write, but I need to be true to the fact that I don't have adoring fans like some of the bloggers here. Still, I have fun with my writing. I don't ever feel pressured to write, I do it because it is fun. I love to put down my thoughts on paper or a computer. I don't care where I am as far as skill goes, but as long as I can do something I enjoy then I am good with where I'm at now.

I really don't know how I would judge myself as a writer, I would say that I am in the middle. Not the best, but still okay at it. Trying to criticize myself isn't hard for me either. I know that a lot of times my thoughts come out jumbled, or repetitive. I know that sometimes I'm just not very clear with what I want to say. I also struggle with length a lot of times. I want my blogs to be a certain length, even though I know it is quality not quantity that truly counts.


Even though I know I am not the best writer, I still have a few things that I am known for here. This is not to brag, truly, I just want people to know that with a certain amount of dedication, you can really get a lot of things done. People will notice you and care.

First thing that I really achieved on the website was becoming a member of the Elite Eight, now the Elegant Eleven. I know that I am not the most qualified, but the Elite Eight is the group of people that get their blogs put up on the sidebar on the homepage. I felt, and still feel very honored to be in this group. I don't know how I got in, but somehow I did. It's awesome to be recognized in this way as well.

I also got into Saint's Member Herding, not that it is really an elite group, but it feels good to hear the positive comments. I have also been featured on the Community Update for a blog post very similar to this one. Thanks to Black Hearted Wolf for recognizing me.

My Goals as a Blooger

I really don't plan on having a future in the blogging realm. I never even thought about Journalism until I started writing for Gaminformer. Do I think it will be a future goal of mine, not not really, but if offered a job I'll surely take it. I don't know what I want to do with my life yet, but if I don't have an idea, I'll always have Journalism to fall back on. I'll especially have my writing history on GIO to fall back on.

I really just want to have fun with writing and not make it a job. I think it will probably take out the fun in it. If I'm paid to write, I will be forced, something I'm really not used to.

My Future at Gameinformer

I am still hard at work on the 31/31, but after October ends I have some big plans. In my continuing support of BlackHeartedWolf, I will be continually participating in his WGWC challenge. Even if I don't do all the October ones, I will try to do as many as possible.

I also have my Battle of the Bands series that is currently on Hiatus. Again due to the 31/31, but that will most likely change after October. I will also most likely continue with Video Game Music blogs I did before those.

I have probably a million ideas swirling in my head, so expect a lot, I'll give you a quick preview of what I have in mind. Expect a series of short reviews on older games. Refer back to my only Retro review, and expect more of those in shorter burst. Like mini reviews. Expect me to create some lists based on my favorites and things of the such. RPG's is something I love, so really expect a list of my favorite RPG's in the near future.

I'm almost finished the Hunger Games, which I believe I will devote a blog post to, so keep an eye out for that. I also have a long running idea that will remain a secret, so get ready for that. Also I have some plans involving other community members circulating, so be ready. 

And Cut.

So that is my blog on me and my writing. I hope that I can inspire at least one other person to blog as well, particularly this topic. It is a really great challenge set up by Wolf and I hope I did it justice. I know he is really happy with the result and this is a great thing his is doing. I would also like to say that including the And cut at the end, I have 1000 words exactly. I originally went over and had to cut some  out, that is always a problem, mentioned it above.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, keep up the hard work Wolf!