I love to write, sometimes I would even call it a passion. Writing is just one of those things that I can't explain why its so awesome, it just is. Writing is a great way to just express yourself and tell everyone your views on something. It's a great way to enter your own world and do what you want. There are some things that I can describe though as reasons why I love to do this. 

The first thing is the ability to talk to someone else about the things you are passionate about. All of us love video games, you wouldn't be here if not. All of you who blog love to write as well, if not you wouldn't blog. I'm right aren't I? We all love these things, and that's why we blog about them.  Everyone here who blogs tends to write about Video Games, that's what we are passionate about. That's why I'm writing about writing, and why I blog about music. I love these things.

Think about recently. Apozem has done blogs about Video Games of course, I phones, music, writing, game of thrones, and a lot of other topics. You can tell in all of those though that there is a passion for what he writes. Everything is thought out and you can tell from what he says that it comes from his heart. He writes about what he loves and that's why its so good.

Oni just wrote a blog about the death of her grandmother. She loved her grandma, no doubt. You can tell just by the way she wrote things. You can tell by the emotion she put into her work, that she loved her grandma. She felt comfortable enough in this community that she could do that. The outpouring of support for her was incredible as well.

That's why I write, is the ability to express myself in my work and talk about the things I love. There is no better feeling than sitting there and typing up something if you want to do it. Everyone blogs here because they want to and its something they like, if not they wouldn't be doing it.

I talk about Video games a lot, this is a video game website after all, but that's what I love doing. As I write this I'm playing Kingdom Hearts and I have the atlantica music playing in the background. I will be making a blog about that series soon, why? Because I love it.

Just recently I started a Mass Effect story, a story about Garrus. (If you have any interest in that, let me know and I may very well post it up here) I started this because I truly enjoyed Mass Effect and Garrus as a character. Mass Effect 1 Garrus was okay, but Mass Effect 2 Garrus was a total bada**. I wanted to know what happened, so I devised my own events to that story. I'm still working on it, but I'm writing it because I loved the series and wanted to write about it.

Writing about stuff that you don't really care about means nothing, you see it in a lot of things. If the person isn't sincere about their thought, the writing will reflect hat, and they will not have any fun. Writing is fun for me, because I write about stuff I love.

The second thing that makes writing so great is feedback.

I created a Fanfiction.net account recently. I love writing fanfictions as evident by the Mass Effect story, but the one thing that I dislike about Fanfiction is that nobody talks, and the feedback is minimal, if there is any at all. I still haven't gotten a single review on a couple of my stories. As a writer I want t o know what I can improve on and what I do good.

This is one reason why I love this community so much. People like Apozem, Drym, Cody Gilley, and all the others who read and comment on all of my blogs are incredible. You guys make me so happy.

It is an indescribable feeling when you go to check out your blogs and you see a new comment there. You can't wait to read what other people have to say about your writing. You get excited and you really want to read this. Its one thing to see your blogs with 1000 views, but it is a totally different and I think better feeling to see people respond to that.

There are two types of comments, both good, but I would mucg prefer the second one.

1. "Good job" "Nice blog" "I liked it"- This style of comment is nice to see, it at least lets you know someone read it and cares, but that's all you know. You just know that is was a decent blog.

2. Really well thought out, deep comments- Jman recently left a comment on my battle of the bands blog, that was like 3 paragraphs long. He respected my opinion, but gave his own in a very thought out polite way. He did not say I was wrong or anything like that, but said what he felt. I like that kind of comment, one that provides discussion or one that you could tell had thought put into it.

Oni does that really well in my opinion. Most of the comments she gives always state her feelings on things and are more than just a sentence long.

In the end, we all just want to know that what we do has an impact, or effect on people. We just want t o know that what we do makes someone think, or what not. We all want to be complimented, and we need to be critiqued. That is what feedback does.

Do you think Saint would be as good of a blogger as he is without feedback, probably not. Saint has affected people, he has driven many to blogging themselves, and made many people think. Apozem has done this as well. This is why these guys are in the elegant eleven, they care and they took their feedback and applied.

I am no Saint, that is for sure, but I still love to write, and I know all you bloggers love to as well. We all write because we are passionate about it, and what we write about.