I'm not sure how to start this blog with a good intro so I'm just gonna get right to it. 

This evening I ended up playing 5hrs straight of Xcom Enemy Unknown in prep for Xcom Enemy Within which I'll be purchasing this Friday. This play session was a pain. Since a long time ago all my really high ranked soldiers got slaughtered by several Berserks due to bad tactics. I've been struggling to continue and complete missions with sqaudies. 

After several missions of complete squad wipes. One soldier named Ace, was able to take out 3 berserkers and a Sectopod all by himself as a n Assault Squadie. Earning him a rank. From then on I valued him the most.

Every mission I gave him Titan Armor along with Chitin Plating. Giving him tons of armor and HP.  While playing several missions, I used various squadies as bate to kite out enemy to Ace as he stayed in Overawatch mode in a well protected area for cover.

By the last few missions of the night, I ended up getting another valuable soldier named after my Brother which he was a Heavy. At this time Ace is Captain and my brother (Brandon) is a Lieutenant. While maintaining their rank. The last mission of the night was going well. 

Until I had to head off to Russia to clear out a crash site after my Interceptor had just shot down the UFO.  Little did i know after killing about 3 Mutons, 2 Berserks, and 1 Sectopod, there was going to be another wave of 1 Berserk and 2 Secotopods. This had me on the edge. 

Slowly, one by one, my lower ranked soldiers went down in no time, while they did help in inflicting damage to the Berserk. The little repair robots did a number on Ace and Brandon as I was using them to try and heal other soldiers with improved medkits and inflicting damage on Sectopods. This was no easy task. The final kill was both sectopods did their "mortar" style strike and took out Ace and Brandon.

These soldiers fought valiantly and will not go forgotten.