We've been seeing a massive console wars over the past month. After the announcement of Microsofts original Xbox One policies. Sony was clearly taking the lead and attracting new gamers. After Microsofts policy reversal a few days ago. The playing field as slightly leveled out with polls still show that Sony is still in the lead. But just by 1-10%. Which is pretty much even cause there's people who don't even vote.

Since I've decided to avoid MS after their original F you to gamers in the first place and that they tried to continue to hold that insult. Then hisitated after seeing their presale ratings. They decided to reverse everything. The fact that they can do it with a single update is scarry and that they may return back to their original policies. 

With the fan base of each console a bit more even. I've figured out what Sony can do to win the race indefinitely. They need to make the PS4 backwards compatible to at least the PS3 games on launch. The PS2 and PS1 can come later. But this would give people an encintive over the Xbox One since MS is so hardheaded. There's no hope for them to listen at all to consumers. Since Sony listened to the consumer on day one of announcing the PS4. They have a bit more hope.

Sony, has one me over. I'm no fanboy since I was originally going to get the X1 or at the time Xbox 720 before the announcement of the Xbox One cause I was a MS fanboy. I have my PS3 and 360, Since I started with 360 i've been more of a fan of Xbox and enjoyed the PS3. Now I'm having to support Sony. They care about the consumers more than telling us what we can and cannot do. Even though MS changed. It's still the fact they did what they did in the first place. 

They also tried be dead-set on the original policies. Even by saying that the value is $1000s of dollars of value. In Weekend Confimed podcast they mention how the guy who's the leader of Xbox (what ever that jerks name is) onl ytalked about the TV services that supposedly makes the Xbox One have $1000s of value. The guy also said how the Kinect is suppose to be so revolutionary in interactive in our games yet  MS has yet to say why its so valuable, how its gonna change how we play games, how the technology is so revolutionary, etc. They made it very clear that all they care about in the Xbox One TV services that people already have devices for and are not going to change and get rid of all their other devices just to use the Xbox One. 

So as you see the Xbox One is a TV device. They do not care about video games nor the gamers. So there's no hope in back compatible ever being possible. So if sony wants to pull an even bigger lead in their PS4 they need to make the PS4 backwards compatible on day 1 or at least within the first month of launch.

No matter what they do, I'm still sticking with PS4 since they care and they are making their console for the true gamers out there. Not for services that hardcore gamers don't care about.