One of the most exciting times of the year for gamer's is E3, and it's only a few more months away. Unlike the past few years with not many new exciting announcements and games, I expect E3 13 to blow people away. We'll see the full unveiling of the PS4, the next Xbox, Nintendo's second wave of big Wii U games, and plenty more. If there has been any year in recent memory to expect big games and surprises, it's going to be this year. Being the optimist that I am, I have quite a list of games I'm hoping are announced this year. Some of them may be me being more hopeful than anything, but there are a few that have the possibility of actually being announced. Here is my wish list for E3 2013. 

Halo 2 Anniversary 

There have been rumors of this coming to the Xbox "720" as a launch title for a while, and since Halo 2 is my favorite online multiplayer game ever, I'm really hoping it is announced. Unlike the remake of the first Halo, Halo 2 originally had online multiplayer, so there's a good chance if 343 did decide to make it, they would include online. If I had to guess, it would likely be a co-developed title between 343 and Certain Affinity(who actually contributed significantly to Halo 4's multiplayer if you didn't know).

Zelda Wii U Tech Demo turned into a full game

The tech demo Nintendo showed of Zelda for the Wii U at E3 two years blew me away. It is the exact type of graphics/art I want to see from Zelda. We know Nintendo is hard at work on a Zelda for the Wii U, but we don't know what it's like. I'm hoping they take the tech demo and turn it into the next Zelda game. 

Fable reboot

The original Fable for Xbox was a really fun game, and I also really enjoyed Fable 2. Unfortunately though, slowly over the course of the series, Lionhead stripped away RPG elements and basically turned it into a fantasy adventure game. I want to see the next Fable get back the basics and be an old school fantasy RPG. Lionhead is rumored to be working on a new Fable game along with a new IP with MMO elements. Hopefully that Fable game ends up more like the original. 

Star Fox 2

The first video game I ever finished multiple times was Star Fox 64. I had to have beaten it at least 30 times. I went back and take different routes, and discovered there was a "real Andross" that I hadn't fought the first 20 or so times I beat the game. Nintendo gave us two fun sequels in Adventures and Assault, but neither game was a true sequel to 64. I hope with the Wii U they create an all new Star Fox game that is totally vehicle focused. There have been rumors of the series' return, even some with Metroid Prime developer Retro working on the game. Hopefully we'll see Fox's return this E3.

Star Wars Republic Commando 2

One of my favorite shooters ever, and one of the most underrated games ever IMO. Republic Commando came out late in the Xbox's life, and never received the attention it should have. I've been hoping for a sequel for years, and was really disappointed to read of a supposed follow-up title Imperial Commando that was cancelled. Lucas Arts' has a Star Wars FPS in development currently, so I'm hoping it's the sequel to Republic Commando.

Crackdown 3

I was one of many gamers in 2007 who bought Crackdown solely to play the Halo 3 beta. Unfortunately my uninformed self didn't know the beta had already ended by the time I had enough money to buy Crackdown. Luckily, I still got an amazing game. I played through the game at least 10 times, solo and co-op. Crackdown 2 was somewhat of a disappointment, but it only had 8 months of development time. If Ruffian, or someone else was given enough time to make a true sequel, Crackdown 3 would blow people away. Just imagine it on the next Xbox, open world, possible 8 player co-op, explosions and orbs, it would be amazing. There have been rumors of this as well, with Microsoft's Phil Spencer even adding fuel to the fire on twitter. Once again, we'll see this E3.

Perfect Dark 2

One of the best shooter's of its' era. Perfect Dark has never received the treatment it deserves. The sequel(I guess prequel technically) was originally on the Gamecube, then moved to Xbox, and then finally released on the 360. While Zero was a decent launch title, it was nowhere close to Call of Duty 2, or Gears of War. Rare was working on another game in the series title Perfect Dark Core, but it was cancelled due to poor management that plagued Rare for years. Rare was hiring people recently with experience in FPS development, and Phil Spencer also somewhat hinted at Rare making a comeback. I'm hoping Joanna Dark appears on the E3 stage once again this year. 

Mass Effect prequel

I don't know where Bioware can take the prequel or what they might do. I just want more Mass Effect. Take the combat from 2/3 and add the RPG elements and atmosphere from the original and you'll have an amazing game. I love the series and just want more. I know it's going to happen, I just want to see it announced this E3.

Agni's Philosophy turned into next Final Fantasy

Every Final Fantasy game post XII, has been disappointing, or hasn't released. XIII and XIII-2 have been incredibly polarizing, and XIV has been a straight up mess. Versus, the game that actually appears to have potential has been nowhere to be seen for years. Square seems like they don't know what to do with the franchise. One bright spot was the Agni's Philosophy demo, it looks like a really unique world and setting. Square announced at the Playstation 4 reveal conference they would be showing the next FF at E3 this year. I just hope it's this demo as a full game and not another XIII style teenage soap opera game. 

Super Smash Bros. 4

If I had a dollar for every game I've played of the Super Smash Bros. series, I'd be the richest man alive. Nintendo has already confirmed the game will be at E3. I want to see more characters, more levels, and solid online vs. I also want to see Melee style gameplay over the slow gameplay from Brawl. Melee is the best game in the series, just make SSB4, Melee 2.0 from a gameplay perspective. 

Like I said, there are tons of reasons to get excited about E3 this year. I haven't been this excited in years. If even half the games on my list are there, I'll be good. The hardest thing will be these next few months of waiting.