I'm not going to lie.  I don't have much in the ways of achievements.  I am the perpetual #2.  I come in second, I am never an MVP, I am always a person who plays the support role to the leads of others.

Even in the things I truly excel in I take a back seat to others.  I just have never found that thing that I am better at than anyone else.

However what I do have is fight.  

I'm from philly, so I don't care about your cliche complaints... I can use this whenever I want.

Fight to keep going long after others have stopped.  

Fight to continue through all the highs and the lows and come out as a better person.

And most of all fight to keep trying till the last second, no matter what.

Unfortunately for me my biggest triumph is not in a championship.  Doesn't involve me doing anything amazing.  Doesn't have me in an unreal scenario.

Instead my biggest accomplishment is exactly as I stated above.  It's me continuing to try until I achieve what it is I am going for.

Me, yes that does say swagger.... don't ask....

To set this up I should state, I play hockey.  Roller Hockey specifically, though that is more a $$$ issue than an availability issue.  With this I am not the biggest person, and while I am fast I am far from being the fastest. In reality I'm only slightly above average in skating and passing, with no real shot.

This means that I do a lot of things well, but am often overlooked because I don't do the flashy things.  Instead I have to focus on the little things and work for the rest. 

And that's why what happened in a playoff game for us is so improbable.

It was a game we should have won easily.  They were not good, they only had one person who could really hurt us.  And yet there we stood, watching as they mounted a 4 goal lead on us within the first 20 minutes of play (we play 2 20 minute halves by the way).

It was pathetic, we were better than that.  

And we were determined to prove it.

And so in the next half we took it to them.  We scored one, then two, then got our third and fourth.  All while holding them to nothing.

Then in a miracle play we took the lead.  It was now 6-5 in our favor.

You knew there would be one....

However it wouldn't be a good story if that was the ending.  No this had just a bit more drama to go.  Because with less than two minutes left their best player got a hold of the puck and deposited it right behind our goalie tying the game.

It was like a cloud came back over us.  It was the ultimate deflation.  We worked so hard and then here we were, staring overtime in the face.

However where others falter, I rise.  And this was my moment.

Less than a minute to go they were pressuring again.  Everything was falling apart and we were looking to be on a one way ticket out of the rink with a loss.  We couldn't do anything, and yet something happened.  One of my teammates managed to knock the puck away, just briefly, from the opposing defender.  

It was our chance.

It was my chance.

I broke out, skating as hard as I could up the rink.  I don't know what I was expecting.  This guy was a person notorious for not passing.  No way he would give it up.

Not to me.

Not now.

But he did.  And not just that but he made a brilliant pass right to the tape of my stick.  I didn't even break stride while accepting it. I don't know what I was thinking, but as soon as I had it my mind went blank and I focused on one thing.

The goal.

In all its glory

I am not a goal scorer.  I average about six per fifteen games.  I get assists, but rarely do I ever get to be the hero.  Why should this time be any different? I hear the clock in my head going... 10.... 9.... 8.... 7... and I take the shot...

Save, right pad.

No, I would not be denied.  This was my time.

The rebound was kicked barely out from in front of him, but it didn't matter.  I would not be denied.  This was my chance, this was my moment, and no one was taking it from me. 

I collect the puck and shoot again, the clock in my head expecting the buzzer any second now.  And just as I see the puck hit the string... *BZZZZZZZZZZ*

I turn to look at the board, seeing 0.0 up on the clock.  I'm honestly stunned as I stand there before getting the biggest smile I have ever gotten and throwing my gloves off to join my team in celebration.

It was the first playoff game we had ever won.

It felt something like that, just with a few less guys.

That my friends is something no one can never take from me.  That moment is mine, and it will always be mine. And I will cherish it forever as the time I stepped up and took my place atop the podium.  

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to the entries from all the other participants.

For reference this is for Challenge #6 of the WGWC.  If you would like to know more please follow the links.

Thank you again, and of course, happy blogging