Now then typically after the introduction I do a recap of the last week's blogs.  Since though I never did a recap for #4 and need to search around for #5 I figured that the least I could do is share with you the magic that was the WGWC in its entirety.  

So I will be taking a look at all of my favorite blogs from the series, and separating them by week.

Week #1 - Write about yourself

The first week of the challenge was excellent.  There were so many people that participated I was overwhelmed.  As I said, I thought 6 people would be good, but instead I ended up with over 20.  That is incredible.  Here are some of my favorites from the first week.

WGWC: Everything in its Right Place...Finally - indiejones: And we start off with a bang.  This is far and away my favorite blog I have ever read.  I know I said top 3 before, but really no other blog did for me what this one did.  If you ever wanted to get to know who indie is and was my advice would be to read this.  It all comes out here, and again indie I can never say this enough, but seriously this blog is just inspiring in so many ways.  

WGWC: The heart of a blogger - Hist: A personal favorite of mine to read, when Hist did this it was kind of the blog that made me realize "oh this is kinda big..." Needless to say I have to showcase his work as he really is talented and does wonders with his words.

WGWC: An Introduction To My Writing - Lancehead255: This won't be the last one that you read by him, but it should be the first.  I love the fact that you did this and you along with the others that were new joining into the project really made me smile.  After all if it gets new people into this awesome community then the challenge has more than paid off.

WGWC: A Blogger From Nowhere - Drym Shyuan: When I first read the title I didn't think you would mean literally from nowhere.  I see what you mean now and am glad that I did read this from you.  After all it is what really inspired me to get to know you a bit more, and is partially why I pushed for you to get herded. 

WGWC: The Tao of a Writer - LEVON: To think I would never have really heard of you if it wasn't for this is just sad in a lot of ways.  Honestly I'm so glad you participated and it's wonderful to see how bog a part of this community you have become.  I hope to read more from you ^_^


Week #2 - Write a review

The second week was a bit more of a challenge, but still intended to be fun.  I asked people to review things.  And boy did they... We have in the following 

[WGWC #2] Deus Ex: Human Revolution review - Lancehead255: Told you you would be seeing him again.  In one of the best reviews I could think of Lance here gives a near perfect representation on his thoughts/feelings about Deus Ex.  A great example of how to do a review.

WGWC Review: Batman: Arkham City - Demon Ragnarok: Not far behind him is Demon's review of Arkham City.  While I liked Lance's a bit more, Demon's is every bit as good especially if you're trying to work out how to do a review.

WGWC: My Little Phenomenon: A Review on Friendship is Magic - Undertaker Adrian: A review on the bronies? Oh no.  Not really (<3) but it is a fair assessment and it came at a good time when people were wondering just what was all the hype about?

WGWC Challenge 2: Review Time-The Sexiest Mouse You Will Ever Own - Oni no Tenshi: It's still so sexy, even after all this.... I need to stop while I'm ahead.  *ahem* This is a great review of her mouse by Oni no Tenshi.... that is all.

WGWC: Betsy: A Friend Who Is Nearly Dead - TOGNick: TOGNick reviews his car.  I don't think I have to say anything else, except you need to read this.

WGWC #2: Unwritten Words - Drym Shyuan: In probably the most interesting blog of the series so far Drym decided to review... the unwritten rules to GIO.  It's as good as it sounds and seriously gets a 12 for creativity from me.  Another must read when you get the chance.


Week #3 - Write about a topic

Week 3 I got a bit more technical and gave people a series of topics to write about.  This of course meant less people to do it, but unfortunately before I realized it was the beginning of my downward movement.  I still wish I did this, but unfortunately can't change that now.  However here are the best blogs from that week.

WGWC 3: Video Game Journalism: The Precipice of Change is Here & Now [Editx1] - Mat: Mat was one of my favorite bloggers during the challenge, and really I'm kind of sad that he didn't continue blogging when I left.  I understand of course, but I really did enjoy his work. Maybe he's just lurking though, and waiting for this to come back *fingers crossed* Till then here is a great example of his work.

WGWC: How Advertisements Should Be (Final Draft) - Undertaker Adrian: I have to smile when I think of this blog, just because Adrian is such a smartass with his first draft.  Still though this was easily one of the best blogs written for the week and is well worth reading (especially for that first draft lol).

WGWC: The Digital Age - blaze6106: What really impresses me about blaze's blog here this time is that he literally had just finished the 31/31 challenge (which you all need to read by the way)  I was even burned out for a bit after my daily challenge so to see him do this is just impressive for me.

WGWC# 3/ The Perfectionist In Me - The Classy One: I'm not sure what happened to The Classy One, so sorry if he is still around and I'm just a bit ignorant of it.  Regardless this is another great blog and really goes into how he feels about not completing a game.

WGWC Challenge #3 - Journalism vs. Criticism - The Mods: I can't honestly believe I missed this one till now, but seriously this isn't just one of the best blogs for the series, but is right up there with Indie's blog as one of my favorite blogs ever.  Please do yourselves a favor and read.


Week #4 - Write an IGeNerator story

I sat on this for three weeks.  I wanted so bad to make this every week's challenge (and maybe it will come back). However it was so worth it to hold off, and produced... well just read below.

WGWC #4 - "Should Dragon Age be a Naughty, Naughty Game?" - Mat: This is the reason why I have to say I miss Mat.  Just the start of the blog nearly sent me out of my chair.  Seriously I really almost fell out of it.  Even reading it again now I have to just laugh and hold my side, lest my spleen rip itself from my side and slap me.... What? It could happen.

(WGWC 4) E3: The Mythological Creatures In L.A. Noire Gave Me Inspiration - Matthew Fugere: You know what makes every game better? Unicorns.  Matthew would like to enlighten you on just how inspiring it was to play a game that finally realized this.  Too bad it didn't make the final cut.

WGWC Challenge #4: How Porcupines Could Increase Call of Duty's Gameplay - thatfoxguy: Honestly you had me at "porcu-mines" but the rest of it is equally as clever and just as entertaining.  Also a great thing is the "... BUT WITH PORCUPINES."  You'll just have to read it to get it though.

WGWC #4: Should Skyrim be Illegal - Hist: All you should need to do is read the title then who it is by to know why you have to read this.  To best put it though " Instead of facing withdrawal-like symptoms, they'll instead be hooked up to their computer or console, with an IV attached to their arm containing Red Bull or Mountain Dew, eyes beginning to glaze over as they face their next dragon or yeti. Occasional mumbles of "this game is awesome" will be heard coming from their mouths (as well as a bit of drool). Family members will try and intervene, but often to no avail. Parents, husbands, wives, all will suffer from neglect as so much time is sunk into Skyrim."

WGWC 4: Top Ten Tastiest Thighs in Videogames - Oni no Tenshi: I love alliteration.... like... love.. sorry slipped into a coma again. This challenge found a lot of 'the right people got the right challenges' and this was the epitome of that.  Only Oni could pull this off, and really it makes for pretty much one of my favorite blogs of hers.  Just kudos on it.


Week #5 - Write about a character

The last two have been particularly difficult to find (thank you GI searching....) so sorry if I missed some really good ones.  I would like a complete list of blogs for these two weeks though, so if you wrote one please let me know in the comments here, on my personal page, or on the blog itself.  I'll be sure to get them all accounted for somewhere.  Anyways here you are for my first look at these as well. 

WGWC #5: The Man in the Mask - DeadManWalking: An interesting pick I have to say, where deadman doesn't go for the main character but rather chooses a side character that is quiet, mysterious and seemingly invincible... at least seemingly.

WGWC #5: A Ridiculous Title that has Nothing to do with what I'm Writing About - trap_the_clap27: a long and lengthy title that leads into a very nice blog about Issac Clark. Even if he doesn't speak much, sometimes characters don't even need to, in order to let us into their soul.

[WGWC #5] The No OneLancehead255: Lance is here again after a few great reviews explaining just how one character can get inside you and change the way you see a story.  A great recount of the game and of SHODAN.

WGWC - Who I am in Games - benderstrike64: bender is one of the main reasons I am back to doing this so it is only right that I show him a bit of gratitude for that.  Honestly I was seeing improvement every week and this was a very good blog (despite you not liking it as much).  Honestly I look forward to seeing how you do the next challenge.

WGWC #5 - Not Quite a Gale - BlackHeartedWolf: I never show off my own blogs, but considering that I teased this on this blog I figured I should show it off a bit.  I do hope you enjoyed it because it's something else for me to showcase sides like that of myself.  Something I hope this challenge allows me to get better at.

Anyways those were some of my favorite blogs from the series so far.  I do hope you have the chance to read them (all 25 I picked lol).  If not there is always plenty of time later on, so get on it :-p

Now then... I guess time for what you've been waiting for?

Well then.... someone is excited....