I teased it, I avoided it, I almost said I wouldn't do it again.  But in the end reading through everything that I did with it, I couldn't help it.

The WGWC is back.

I know that the fact that I only did five weeks of it the first time around doesn't make the reboot particularly exciting.  I think I'd have to show people that I am really interested in doing this again in order to make it work, but I would ask that you let me open up and explain which I'll do at the end of this blog.

For now though I want to get right into it.  After all we may have some people who don't know what this is (and wouldn't that be a shame). 

The Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge is a series that is designed to stretch and expand your writing.  It is a series that will make you think about not just what you write, but how you write as well.  It is however entirely dependent on what you do with it; the more you put in, the more you get out.  So it is important to take the challenges seriously and really give them your all when doing them.

Now to quote the original announcement blog

"There are two ways that I will be doing this.

The first is that each week will be a different type of blog.  Some weeks will be about finding a piece of news and talking about that.  Other weeks will be opinion/editorial blogs on a hot issue. The key though is that I'll be trying to cover all the usual bases that a gaming journalist would be expected to write about.  I think this is probably the more important of the two, because I find a lot of bloggers have one particular style of blog they like to do and that's it.

That is where the second part comes in.  In addition to changing the style there will be limitations/expectations for every blog.  Now this will vary from week to week.  Some weeks will have word restrictions where you have to write a certain number of words.  Others will be challenges where you have to use so many images in your blog.  Regardless of the style, the challenge is there to focus the person on the writing itself rather than the topic, something I feel that a lot of bloggers neglect due to the fact that they worry more about what they are writing about."

Now this will take place once a week and while I will try and keep it consistent, I'm not going to be limiting myself to having it be on a particular day.  It will be either Saturdays or Sundays typically (unless I'm forced to move it due to things like vacations and stuff) and will run for the entirety of the week until I start the next blog.

This doesn't mean that you can't do the challenge if you missed the week, it just means that I'll put it into the week that it fits under when I do it again.

So that means if anyone would like to go back and do any of the previous challenges, they should feel more than welcome to.  I will highlight all blogs with the WGWC tag in my recaps.

For quick reference here are the links to the past challenges

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Week #3 - Write about a topic
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