Hello there, sorry to say that right now I am unavailable for comment due to the fact that I am away from home right now.  However I couldn't just leave you guys without your weekly fix of WGWC and so I decided that while I was on my way back home that this would post.

The magic of the internet... and of GI.

Anyways due to the fact that I have been away Friday through Today I didn't want to do a recap as of yet.  I'll be putting that off till Monday or late Sunday depending on when I get home.  This will include the blog breakdown as well, so you can all look forward to that.

Now then how about the challenge?  Are you excited about this week?  I hope you are.

This week the challenge is to write a 500-750 word blog on the character you connect most with in gaming.

This can be any character in any game.  Protagonist, Antagonist, supporting character.  It doesn't matter at all.  If they appeared in a game, and you connected with them I want to hear about it.

There are no other restrictions for this week as this is setting up for future challenges.

 If you read the 30/30 you probably already know who I am going to pick...

What I am looking for is mainly how you connected to the character and what it was about them that caused you to feel for them.  Was it something specific that happened to them, or was it just their personality?  Could it have been how they looked or how they acted?  Maybe it was just the way they talked to others.  Whatever it is though I would like to hear about it and I want to see you go into as much detail as possible.

This week though I want you to really make sure that you are hitting the word count.  That is the goal for the week.  To be able to describe this one relationship between you and the character in the word limit that has been set.  So what I want to see is you focusing on a few points about the character, and then giving those your full attention.

As far as how I am going about this I have to say that typically I usually don't like limiting people to just one topic, but for this particular challenge I felt like I should.  This week we're setting up actually for how to do a top 10 list that is both persuasive and entertaining to read.  That though isn't going to happen for a few weeks (and when it does come, don't expect the usual top 10 lists.  These will be worth the reads).  I believe though you have to build up to these things and work on the basics of focus first.  Hence why this week is an 'easier' and 'smaller' challenge.

Now if only this guy could write....

Honestly I'm excited to read through your choices for the week, as I know that with the multitude of personalities we have here there should be a great variety of characters chosen.  I think other than last week this is the challenge I am most anxious about.

Especially because there are a few bloggers specifically I'd like to see do this.

I won't spoil it now (you'll just have to see next week) but I hope everyone gets a chance to take part in this, and I will say I look forward to every blog that is posted for the WGWC.

So without any more rambling, see you soon, and as always...

Happy Blogging!