So then like I mentioned last week, this one is going to be about having some fun with the writing.  Granted I still want to see people actually try to write for this, but I understand it'll be difficult.

Okay then, no more teasing, here you go.

Your challenge for this week is to go to the site and generate headlines until you find one that you can write on.

I don't think I will have to explain how this works, but in order to fill out this last page to my liking I will.

 I forgot Scruffy last week.  Clearly this is the reason for there not being as many blogs.

The site here randomly generates headlines for stories by taking frequently used words from IGN articles and adding other game titles to them.  As such you can get some really funny topics such as "How Bananas could increase Allan Wake's popularity" as well as "Top Ten most out of nowhere underwater sections in videogames."  Granted you can also get some really boring topics, such as "Why Halo is destined to sell more than Duck Tales" as well as some ones that just make no sense like "Is Silent Hill a FIFA for adults?" but you can IGNore all them.  What I am looking for are the fun ones that sound somewhat plausible, but really are articles that should never be written.

Things like "What Mario Could Learn from Madden," "How turn-based battles could increase Angry Birds' popularity," or even ones like "The loading screens in Mortal Kombat gave me food for thought."  After all I still want it to sound like a real blog, just with as ridiculous of a premise as you can get.

As this is a fun week there are no limitations to length or grammar.  I would ask though that you do put effort into the writing, but that's just because I think the best blogs for this week are going to be the ones that really make an effort to sound like they are real articles.

Anyways, I hope you have fun with this week, and as always, Happy Blogging!