I love Calvin, he's just awesome.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the last two weeks of challenges.  I intentionally kept them light and relaxed because I don't want to be super serious every week.  However I do find occasionally you have to in order to improve, and this week is that time.

It's not that bad, but it will require a bit more effort than last time.  Again, I'm not going to make it too stressful, but this is just to let you know before I start getting into the challenge.

The challenge this week is to write a 1000-1200 word opinion piece on one of the five topics listed below.

I chose 5 topics because I wanted to make sure people weren't stressing about what to write on, yet still wanted to give the creative freedom to pick what they wanted.  I will say this though before anyone asks.  I will not highlight any blogs that go outside of the five topics.  Sorry, but that's the way this is this time.  If you do have a suggestion for a future piece, please post it in the topic suggestion thread. It's not me trying to be mean, but I just want to try to make sure you're focusing more on the writing than the topic selection.

 That being said, I personally think these topics are pretty good, and can definitely give you lots to write on without getting boring.

1) Describe your thoughts on advertising campaigns for games?  What is it you believe works, and what do you believe doesn't work?  What about for you personally, what advertising makes you want to buy a game?  Please give at least three examples of video game ads and how they made you feel in this.

2) What are your thoughts on the 'digital distribution' revolution? Do you believe we will ever become completely digital, or will physical media forever have a place in gaming? If you think we will become completely digital, how far away do you believe we are from that? If you don't then talk about why you think we won't.  Also I would like to hear if you would like a completely digital gaming world or if you wouldn't.  Please explain why you would/wouldn't as well.

3) When do you feel you have completed a game? When does the point come where you can put down the game and not pick it up again?  What about DLC? How has DLC affected your perception of 'finished'?  How about achievements/trophies? Do those impact the way you 'finish' games now?

4) How do you feel game journalism is perceived? Do you think it is more or less legitimate than other entertainment journalism (like movies or sports)? How do you think the general public perceives game journalism? Do you think that game journalists even care how they are perceived?  What about you, if you were a journalist how would you like to be perceived?

5) How do you think games do with stereotypes?  Do you think they deal with things like race and gender well, or do you feel it could use some work?  Do you find that there is a lot of stereotyping in games?  I would like to hear at least three examples of characters in games to support your opinion.

 Of course though, Snoopy is better

I know some of them might seem a bit intense, but I have faith.

However there is one more part to this challenge, and it's the part that makes this a bit more intensive than the past few weeks.

I am a firm believer in the writing process, and I don't feel that a lot of people see exactly what that is about.  I think that a lot of people ignore the steps to writing (and I know I'm guilty of this too).  That's why for this week I am asking that when you post initially, you post a rough draft of the blog.  I do not want any editing or revision on the initial post of the blog, just the raw thoughts that you came up with when initially writing.

After you post that I want you to take at least a day where you do not look at the blog before coming back to it.

After that day I want you to edit and revise your blog in your initial post, adding [Edited x1] to the end of the title.  You can do this multiple times over, and for each time you do edit the blog, please make the number at the end match.

Now though, since I would like to see the progression of your writing I would like you to copy the original post (and any subsequent edits) to another page in the blog. So the post would look like such:

Title: WGWC: My opinion piece [Edited x3]

Page 1: Final Draft
Page 2: Previous Edit
Page 3: Previous Edit
Page 4: Original Draft

For those of you who don't know, you can separate pages in blogs by putting the words PageBreak (written just like that) in between brackets ( [   ] )

If you are having any difficulty, please let me know and I will help in any way I can.

Also as a reminder I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys have, so let me know in the home thread what you think about the challenges so far.  Also if you are looking for a second pair of eyes to look over your blog for the week, you can check out the sign up thread for people who would be willing to look over your blog.  Also if you're interested in helping out your fellow writers and have the time to do so, please sign up to be a reviewer.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, good luck and as always, happy blogging!