That's right, there were 22 participants last week for the inaugural Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge.

Holy $#i+

No, seriously, just wow.  I'm honestly speechless.  I can't lie, I honestly thought if I got 6 that I was doing well.  To sit here a week later at over 20 is just incredible.  And what is more amazing is that they came from every level of the blogging section.

I mean just look at the people that did this, it was literally everyone from Saint and Oni down to brand new bloggers like trap_the_clap27 and Lancehead255.  It literally brought all levels of bloggers together, and that more than anything else put a smile on my face.

I am a firm believer in that anyone can be a great writer, that all it takes is practice.  And that is what I hope to give everyone that takes on these challenges.  Practice at being a great writer.

Now then, how about we take a look at this tidal wave of blogs?


WGWC: An Introduction To My Writing - Lancehead255: I think it is only appropriate that we start off with Lancehead here.  He is probably one of the best up-and-coming bloggers and I can only hope that the rest of the community starts to take notice.  Especially awesome is that English is not his native language.  And no worries on how serious it came out, I think how much fun you had while writing it still came through.

WGWC#1 An Introduction into the mind of Toe - trap_the_clap27: Now from one new blogger, to a person who's made WGWC #1 his first blog.  I'm so happy that he posted this, honestly I really am.  For one, because I forgot to mention in the last post that if there are any new people to the blogging section that are below level 5 that I will make sure to feature them, and all they have to do is leave a comment on the challenge here or on my profile.  And secondly because I believe that this series will help the new people get used to the level of blogging on the site quicker than just reading the material and trying to copy how someone else writes. I mean the Blogs section does have a fairly high level of entry, but I hope this series will convince some people who were otherwise scared to start blogging to give it a shot.  After all, the effort behind the post is what matters.  So kudos trap_the_clap for taking that chance.  Also that was a really good blog and I look forward to seeing more from you.

WGWC: The heart of a blogger - Hist: I have to say when I initially thought about who would take this on Hist was one of the last guys on the list.  So when I saw that he posted, I was literally floored.  I'm honestly speechless about him doing this and really that was one of my favorite blogs from the week.  It was really awesome to get to know more about him, and I suggest everyone go check this out.

 WGWC: Everything in its Right Place...Finally - indiejones: My favorite blog of the week though has to go to indie for this piece.  Honestly indie, that was such a pleasure to read and really I have no words for what you posted.  You left me speechless in the best way possible.  Hearing your story of your life was not just the best blog for the challenge this week, but is easily one of my top 3 blogs I have ever read on here.  It was your blog that inspired me to post a second time this week, and reading it again makes me want to post another one.  It's just that good.  Also, congrats on becoming a mod!

WGWC: Me, A Writer? - Titus212: If you don't know Titus, I wouldn't be too surprised.  He(?) is another new blogger here to the GIO community.  I will admit, I am a bit biased to the new people, only because they are so exciting to see taking this on.  Especially for people like Titus who has posted blogs before, but this is thier first serious foray into the community.  I hope that I can get all the people like Titus to continue to participate and become some more awesome members of this community.

Each week I will be featuring about five blogs where I really talk about them, I really wish that I could do this for every single blog that was posted (and honestly knowing me, it'll probably somewhat happen anyways), but I'm anxious to be onto the second challenge lol.

I will be trying to feature different people every week though, and I hope to get everyone featured eventually.  Now then, on for the rest of the people (in no particular order).

So I think I can write - benderstrike64:  I really enjoyed your blog, and I look forward to seeing more from you. I really hope I can help you get to a level you're comfortable with.

WGWC Week 1: Oh Brother, Who Art Thou? - deadmanwalking:  I think you are well on your way to becoming one of the better bloggers on here.  Just have to keep working on it.

WGWC Challenge #1: Who AM I? - The Most Interesting Fox in the World: No worries on the formatting stuff, the blog was just fine regardless.  We'll have some work on that and no what to do for posting from word or another site to double check how it comes out.

WGWC: Monkey in the middle - mojomonkey12: Even an 11.1% chance is better than a 0% chance. And as I said, no need to stress out to do this every week.  You are free to just do the weeks that interest you.  I promise, I won't hold it against you.

WGWC: My Passion For Writing - blaze6106: I don't think anyone can doubt your passion blaze.  After all how many other people could take the time to attempt this while writing about their favorite games for 31 straight days?

WGWC #1: Life on Hardcore - thegodofwine7: Your words are definitely worth reading.  I hope that you do eventually get to break in the industry, as I really do enjoy your work.  Best of luck to you, and I hope I can look forward to more from you.

WGWC #1: Now You'll Know Jack - Jack, The Quixotic Gamer: Oh Quixotic one.  You will always be one of my favorite people on this site.  Good luck on getting that internship!

WGWC #1: So You Wanna Know About Me As A Writer - ShadowDragyn: Glad to have you back!  Seriously this was a very fun read, and I never would have guessed you worked at IGN (or whatever it was before that.  I honestly can't remember).

WGWC Challenge 1: The Writer, Herself - Oni no Tenshi: This had to be the biggest surprise of them all.  I honestly love Oni's work (her Pokemonth was awesome, and I'm sorry I stopped posting in it).  So to have her participate in this really was one of the first posts that made this challenge feel special.

WGWC: A Blogger From Nowhere - Drym Shyuan: I never would have guessed that your first language isn't English. That to me is absolutely amazing, as is your work typically.  I look forward to your next project.

WGWC: A Gamer Who Writes; Not A Writer That Games… - Saint: I'm not going to lie, to be a smartass I almost titled mine 'A Writer who Games; Not a Gamer that Writes...'  I decided against it, but I love the dichotomy between the two of us.  It's just funny how things work sometimes.

WGWC: An Introduction To One Of Gameinformer's Newest Bloggers - 3D TItan: Another new blogger?!?  Awesome!  I can't say it enough, I love the level of support this has gotten, especially from the new people here.  That makes me so happy, I can't even describe it.

WGWC: Instead of regular blogs, this is one about me - wayoverdue: I love the irregular blogs that people give, and especially ones where they talk about themselves.  Glad I gave you a release for a bit, and I hope that you continue to participate.

WGWC: Itsa Me! - o_JMan240_o: I already said this, but you are far and away one of the best writers on the site.  You deserve everything you have gotten, and you are one of the people I look forward to seeing come up in the blog list.

WGWC: Keeping My SuperScope Locked on Positive - TOGNick: LOL, love the superscope pic.  That alone makes the blog awesome.  I hope that inspiration keeps you going and you find your muse.

WGWC: Me And My Writing - dragonryder:  No worries, the limits are only there to help people get to a specific length and get them used to trying to expand on ideas (or contract in on them).  Regardless that was a fun post to read, and good luck in the future for the challenges.

WGWC: The Tao of a Writer - LEVON: That was a beautiful metaphor and was very deep.  Easilly one of the best posts so far.  I hope you continue to participate in this.

There you go all of the blogs for the week... well all but one.

I'm separating my blog, because I plan on giving myself a bit more of a look, to really see how I'm improving and how I am doing in the series so far.  This is the real test for me, because as I think we all know, we are all our own worst critics.  So then, here we go...

WGWC: This Heart isn't so Black - BlackHeartedWolf: Where to start.... I hit the length perfectly, but it took a bit of sloppy expanding of my ideas.  I believe it turned out to be just under 950 words which I think was the perfect length.  I did manage to get all of my ideas down, and got everything to work together okay, but I feel like it is disjointed.  Like the stuff I added after the fact just feels tacked on.  I have never transitioned well from paragraph to paragraph, and this is no different.  There are occasions I get it right, and then there are occasions I get it wrong.  This one wasn't too bad, just the few paragraphs I added in after editing felt not as smooth.  My style definitely worked for this kind of blog, and that is no surprise as that is the kind of blog I am most comfortable doing.  I'm fairly introspective and as such I loved this challenge (as it seems a lot of you did as well).

WGWC extra: I Write: In fact I loved it so much I did it again.  This one was not edited and really didn't go into my writing as much.  But after reading indie's blog and a bunch of other amazing entries I couldn't help it.  Seeing everyone take this challenge really made me want to write more, and write more I did.   I think that this one was better.  I managed to break it up more with pictures and because I wrote it all at once without worrying about anything else but what I was writing it flowed a lot smoother.  I  have to say I am much happier with this one than I am the original, but that's just me.

Wow, that was a lot.  Seriously though, you guys are awesome and thank you very much for making week #1 a success.

Anyways, now then for week #2's challenge.

This week starts the real writing challenge.  The ones where I will be setting specific goals.  Now because of a bunch of reasons I will be keeping it easy and not tacking too much onto the first few weeks.  After all I want everyone in this to get comfortable writing first and foremost.  So these first few weeks will be the introduction as I'll be setting up a lot of the recurring series.  This is the first of them.

So I had this big fancy introduction in my head for this week's challenge, but then someone kinda beat me to it.

Actually though I couldn't be happier that he did.

This week, in case you couldn't guess is the first of the review weeks.

I say the first, because since this series is focused on Video Game journalism this will be an integral part of the series.

However, I don't believe reviews are just for people who want to review things.  You see I've always had a strange way of looking at reviews.  The way I see them is that they are mini-editorials, where instead of giving your opinion on a topic, you give it on a game.

Now then, there are specific focuses for these blogs, and this one is no different.

For this blog, I do not care about length.  That is right I want you to write whatever you feel is appropriate.  Instead though what I am looking for is style.  So the challenge for this week is as follows.

You are to write a review for any game or product you own.  This can be anything that is typically reviewed on the internet.  From your phone, to your laptop, to your TV, to even that old NES cartridge that has been gathering dust in a box in your attic.  If there are reviews for it, you can review it.

What I want you to do is to review a game, movie, book, or piece of technology and post it.

Now if you have ever done a review before and already have your own style, what I want you to do is to continue to develop that style.  I want you guys to take a look at your own writing and try to enhance and improve upon it.  Think about things such as 'Am I being biased?  Am I making sure to take all the factors into account? Am I making sure I touch on all the major points I want to make? Does my writing flow well?'  Eventually I want everyone to get their own style and be at this point, but for now just focus on what you can.

If you have not ever done a review what I would like you to do is to find a website that reviews the product you are doing and to review it in that style.  That means looking at things like what specific parts of the item do they look for in the review?  Do they focus on one thing more than others? I want you to really read into their style and try your best to follow the guidelines that you see for it.

Now then, in tandem with Saint's challenge to the community, this is my addition to that.  If you are doing a video game review for any game from this generation, I want you to post it in the review section.  I will say that you can post in both the review section and the blog section, but I want everyone to post it in the Review section first and foremost.

All posts should be posted the same way as the last challenge.  All you need is WGWC: and then your title (and for the review section, just put that at the top of your post).   This'll be the standard way of posting all the blogs under the WGWC, just to let you know.

To go along with this challenge though, I am also opening up a new idea with it.  If you follow the Writer's Guild forum you might have notieced I've posted a few topics on the WGWC.  Three to be exact.  The first is the home topic where I am posting all of the links to the challenges and asking for feedback on the challenges. (so if you ever miss one or want to go back to look at past challenges, they are all there).  The second is a topic suggestion thread where I am looking for suggestions for topics for the opinion/editorial weeks (which I'll spoil right now, is going to be next week, so get those suggestions in ASAP).

The last thread is what I'm calling the Sign Up Thread.  In that thread I am looking for people that would like to help me out by helping out their fellow writers.  You see one of the most important things to me in any place where you're working on something is having a peer take a look at it.  What I am asking for is some people who have the time, to go through and take a look at blogs for other members of the WGWC.  I have a few rules for that though, so please make sure you can follow them before you sign up.  Also please only review blogs of people who ask to be reviewed.  I think that goes without saying, but I still feel the need to mention it.

Anyways wow.... that was a lot of writing....

 I shall name him scruffy

so for those that TL;DR: lots of amazing blogs, new challenge, do a review. XP

I hope that it wasn't too boring, and I hope that there are just as many people to write about next week.

Thank you for making the first entry into the series a success, and I hope you continue to blow me away with your writing.

By the way, follow me on twitter @loupinconnu for all the latest on my blogs and the like.  I post there every time I write a new blog and use it to keep in touch with all the members of the community I can.

Also I am still looking for some graphic design help, so if you've got the time, please contact me on here, my profile, conversation, or twitter.  Any of them work.

Thank you very much again, and as always, happy blogging.

(Fun fact: this blog took almost 3 hours to write x.x)

Oh and P.S. one final thing I think everyone should read: Reading: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore.  It's a great article for any aspiring writers out there.