It's funny, I find myself again sitting in my computer chair staring at this screen as I type up a new blog, wondering just what it is that keeps me doing this.  I mean I already posted once this week about me and my writing, so what is it that makes me want to elaborate even more on it?

Surely the people have had enough of my craziness for this week.

You see that's the funny thing.  I write for me.  To me writing is the best thing in life.

Now make no mistake, I love gaming, television, and sports just as much, but there are times for me in life where I go through an obsessive phase.  For the past month and a half now that obsession has been writing.  Not just any writing though, but writing here, on the Gameinformer blogs section.

I can't really explain it well, but I'm more excited about writing and doing stuff for the community than I am about gaming right now.  I mean even though I just got the Ico collection and Dark Souls I can't help but spend all my free time at work thinking about the 19 different ideas that I have for the WGWC.  I mean I seriously have like 9 weeks of the series planned out... and we're not even through week 1.

It's insane.  By any definition of the word it is insane.  I mean I not only have it planned out for those weeks, but I know exactly what I am going to do for 90% of them.  I know how my blogs are going to look for the challenges, and what they are going to be on.  I know what I want to do, when I want to announce things, what challenges will be recurring, and which will not be.  I know limitations that I am putting on them, and I know why I am putting them there.

And most of all I know where I want this to end.

You see, for the first time in a while this feels like something more than a passing fancy.  You guys didn't get to hear it, but prior to actually recording the Indie and Mojo show the three of us talked for quite a while.  One of the things that came up during this time was my gaming habits.

You see for me I can never keep interest in things long.  Not typically at least. I play for a while, lose interest and move on, only to come back later and repeat the process.  I've done this with a number of games for this generation, and I have only beaten a handful of games more than once (both Killzones for the PS3 and Fallout: New Vegas)

Heck even before blogging was something I would fall in and out of.  I mean look at when my blogs would be posted.   Before I started the Community Update (which by the way, I'll be talking about that soon.  It's not dead, I can tell you that) I had posted 4 times in July, 1 time in June, and 1 time in May.  Going back even further you'll see that before February of this year I posted 1 time last August and then before that was the end of April.

Inconsistency is my middle name apparently.

As i said though, this feels different.  This feels like it did when I was first blogging here.  When i was posting some of my best stuff.  In fact it feels even better, because this time around I'm really involved in the community.

I know a lot of that has to do with my writing, and I know that it also has to do with the passion I tend to put out when I write.  I can't explain it, but I guess it's charisma.  At least if I was really thinking on it I suppose that is what it would be.

Whatever it is though I know it has put me in a place to really enjoy writing, and I hope that I can pass that on to even one person through my work.  I may have already done it, based just on the number of people that have taken up the first week's challenge.  Regardless though, I think the most important thing is sustaining the level that I am at now.

Hopefully now for the months to come I can show just how much passion I have.

I hope you all enjoyed this more introspective look at the reasoning behind my writing, and I hope you all continue to participate in the WGWC.  Next week's challenge goes up Sunday afternoon, and though at first it may not seem like much, it'll lead into some interesting things.

Thank you very much, and till next time, happy blogging.