Can I say it?  Wow.  Honestly just wow.  I never imagined that within 24 hours of posting the challenge I would have had 2 entries, let alone 6.  That is just amazing, and really I can't put into words what that means to me.  Seriously all of you are awesome, and I look forward to reading all of the other entries into the WGWC over the week.

Now then as I said originally, this challenge is also to challenge myself. I will be participating every week that I run this, and plan to have my blogs up on Monday.  I wanted to get them up as soon as I could after posting the challenge without spamming the blog section, and this also is a way of giving a bit clearer of an idea of what I am looking for in regards to the challenge for the week.  So if you're confused you can see what I did and follow that template more or less.

If you're wondering what this is by the way please look at the introduction for the series, as well as the first challenge announcement.  Those two blogs will explain everything you need to know.

Thank you for bearing with that, now then, here is my blog on me.


If I were to think of one word to describe me as a writer, it would be passionate.  I am by all means a person who loves to write.  I truly enjoy being able to get down my thoughts and let it all go out of my head for the twenty to forty minutes that I write.  It's my version of me time, and is probably the most relaxed you'll ever see me. 

That being said I don't honestly know how to judge myself as a writer.  I want to believe that I am a good writer; that people really enjoy the things I write, but I find it is often times hard to really see that for oneself.  I think that more than anything else is why I started this project.  I want to see where I can improve and take myself out of my comfort zones and into places that I really have rarely, if ever, ventured. 

As it stands right now I really don't do reviews, and I really don't do interviews.  Two things that I believe are staples for any writing-intensive job anymore.  It's through this series that I hope to learn not just how to do these two styles of writing, but to learn how to make these styles of writing into something that is mine to own.  What I am comfortable with though is my opinion pieces and when I am talking about things I am passionate about.  I believe that those two types of blogs are where the strength of my writing is and as such I find those two types of blogs to be the easiest ones to write. 

I can't explain why this is really.  Personally I believe it has to do with me being opinionated when it comes to taking a stand.  I suppose that has shown though, especially if you have ever bothered to take a look at my past blogs and look through the comment sections of them.  I wouldn't take too much from that though; I am a much different person than I was back then.  After all, that was two years ago coming up soon, and two years makes a lot of difference.  Perspectives and people change.  Some come, some go, and in the end you figure out what is really important and go along with that. 

What I do take away from all that time is that during my two years here, my style has grown and developed into something special.  I never really considered it back then, but I have since realized that people seem to really enjoy my work. If I had to make a guess as to why it would probably be because of my style that I have developed since I first got to writing here.  I think that is why I started this project up, more than any other reason.  I want everyone that takes this on to develop their own style of writing that they can enjoy while still being fun and interesting to read.  I believe that if you are doing this and focus on developing your work that your writing will take you places.  That is what I want to see happen for people at least.

It's that desire that makes me want to eventually have a job as a community manager.  So that this way I can do these projects that I love and get paid to do this eventually.  It's the reason why most of my blogs recently have been community-oriented, and is also the reason why I am absolutely flattered that people have not only followed along with my blogs, but participated in them as well.  Seriously I don't think I can ever say how truly grateful I have been for all the support that this community has shown me and I hope that I can repay in kind as much as I possibly can.

What I can say though, is that I honestly am excited about what this project means to me, and what it seems to mean to everyone else that has shown support for it.  It's this level of support that is making me work on expanding it and do things that I didn't honestly believe that I would have the support to do.  Especially not right away. 

Things like having people work together for editing purposes, talking to people about how they found the challenges, getting feedback and ideas from the community for future challenges.  These are all things that I never could have imagined I would have been able to do, and yet here I am, all day at work thinking about how I can continue to make this grow and suit the needs of the people that are putting in the effort. 

That is what my writing means to me.  It's about giving back to the community and eventually I hope that desire is what comes through.  I may not ever understand how good or bad of a writer I actually am, but really that isn't what is important to me.  To me the most important thing is that I am able to help others get where they want to be.  If even one person takes this series and turns it into a career, then it was all worth it in my mind.

Those are my goals, and that is who I am.  Thank you very much for supporting me and my projects, and I can only hope you continue to do so.  Till the next time, happy blogging.